Active Campaign-Pros and Cons

                                                                     ORACLE ELOQUA

General Features
Active Campaign helps in sales force automation so it stores and retrieve information associated to customer contacts and accounts. Active Campaign helps in tracking company’s wide communication. Active campaign manages partners by tracking channel partner. Active campaign provides a partner portal to collaborate with channel on sales opportunities active Campaign manages and track tasks and activities. Active campaign assign and manage sales quotes. Actice Campaign allows the user to sync their email contact tools.Active campaign

Newer Innovation
Streamline the entire event process, including personalized invitations, registration, reminders, and post-event follow-up. Integrate with online meeting tools like WebEx, Adobe Connect, GoToWebinar. Maintain a marketing calendar across multiple groups. Schedule automated posts to one or more social accounts. Oracle Eloqua Measures leads, prospects generated, pipeline, revenue, investment, and ROI by marketing channel or program. Oracle Eloqua System provides sufficient customization to meet business requirements. Oracle Eloqua Allows administrators to easily develop and test changes to the CRM deployment.

Why we use oracle Eloqua?
Oracle Eloqua is a marketing automation solution for B2B marketers to track customers through all phases of the purchase cycle. Oracle Eloqua can also monitor the tasks related to different campaigns from the control panel. Oracle Eloqua helps in improving efficiency. Oracle Eloqua Integrate scheduled email campaigns with specific landing pages.
Industry Positive Comment
Oracle Marketing Cloud has a large range of great integrations. Oracle Marketing Cloud uses a nice visual campaign builder that’s both intuitive and powerful to use. Oracle Eloqua allows you to quickly build personalized microsites using dynamic user content. With Oracle Eloqua it greatly facilitates the process of creating forms, dramatically reducing the processing, campaign design and segmentation steps.
Needs Improvement
Cost of Oracle Eloqua is very high. Due to the types of different organization the implementation usually requires long time. There is no way to track ROL by using Oracle so it should be improved. Oracle Eloqua is a long term contract and take lot of time.
Similar Products in the Industry:
Some of the other similar products in industry are Act-on, autopilot, keap, aweber, salesfusion, salesforcemarketing cloud, mailchimp, Sharpspring ,oracle Eloqua, hub spot are some similar product available in industry.

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