Active Campaign-Pros and Cons

                                                                    ACTIVE CAMPAIGN

General Features
Active Campaign helps in sales force automation so it stores and retrieve information associated to customer contacts and accounts. Active Campaign helps in tracking company’s wide communication. Active campaign manages partners by tracking channel partner. Active campaign provides a partner portal to collaborate with channel on sales opportunities active Campaign manages and track tasks and activities. Active campaign assign and manage sales quotes. Active Campaign allows the user to sync their email contact tools. Active campaign creates and design emails with an editor, manage. Active campaign creates target lists and schedule email. Active campaign management of contracts made with customers.

Newer Innovation
Active Campaign combines various aspects of small business marketing into an integrated and user-friendly platform. Active campaign facilitates good set of email and messaging. Active Campaign enables businesses to create special marketing workflows as well as automated follow-up sequences. Site Tracking connects your marketing to a contact’s behaviour allowing you to respond to what they are doing on your website and adapt your marketing to their interests. Active Campaign’s automation builder is a drag-and-drop flowchart tool. Active Campaign gives you the ability to create unlimited lead scores with unlimited rules. Active Campaign’s automation tools extend into CRM so there is a seamless transition from marketing into sales. It will lead to low deliverability. Active Campaign can manage a contact through all stages of the customer lifecycle by integrating your marketing and sales processes.
Why we use Active Campaign?
Importing contact files is very intuitive, and the system checks for any duplicate entries automatically. Active Campaign also allows you to send SMS, personalized ‘Site Messages’ to website visitors.
Industry Positive Comment
Active Campaign, customers can buy Marketing, CRM and Sales modules separately or as a single all-in-one suite. Active campaign converts your casual web visitors into happy customers using the beautiful and converting landing pages. Get a 360degree customer view of every customer across marketing, sales and support departments in one unified platform. In Active Campaign Sales teams often have to dig through the tool to find details about a single customer. Active campaign supports at every level of overall market.
Needs Improvement
In active Campaign emails don’t reach the intended recipient at times. The setup of active campaign can take a little longer which should be improved. Email marketing is not much strong. Active campaign leads to clunky email editing. Occasionally slow performance.
Similar Products in the Industry:
Some of the other similar products in industry are Act-on, autopilot, keap, aweber, salesfusion, salesforcemarketing cloud, mailchimp, Sharpspring ,oracle Eloqua, hub spot are some similar product available in industry.

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