Adobe Illustrator provides-Pros and Cons

General Information

Adobe Illustrator provides its users with the ability to implant different graphics, create illustrations, develop typography, as well as create professional vectors. Furthermore, with the software users can produce content for media, which includes for example video, mobile, web etc.

Illustrator comes with the ability to create different designs, as well as working on infographics. The software also is able to produce different patterns and web icons, as well as forming multiple format options for exportation. Illustrator also allows the conversion of photos and graphics into different vectors and shapes.

Newer Innovations in Adobe Illustrator

The software comes with GPU acceleration support to those who have a high-performance working system, as well as auto spell-check. Illustrator has recently implemented faster and more efficient effects, along with in-app troubleshooting support to help users with potential issues they might be having.

The software comes with background save and export, as well as path simplification throughout. Onboard resources is also provided for the user, as well as being able to access Adobe’s stock assets.

Why we use Adobe Illustrator?

Illustrator allows quality professional designs to be produced, which can be then sold over to make more business for different companies. Furthermore, the software deals with educated people, and thus coming with a lot fewer bottlenecks for users.

Illustrator also has the ability to converting different features quickly. This saves a lot of time for users and gives a more pleasant experience. Illustrator also has very good accuracy and efficient for its users.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers recall that the software comes with a variety of different functions, as well as working with very precise vectors. Illustrator is also easy to integrate with multiple other Adobe products, as well as the software coming with more advanced tools for clearer designs, followed by it being cheap to learn and work with.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in the software taking up a lot of space on the computer, as well as the software using a lot of the computer’s RAM. Illustrator also comes with a rather steep learning curve. The softwares tools are not very self-explanatory for all users wither. Illustrator according to users still requires some room for UX improvement.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are Ink space, BoxySVG, Vecteezy, Vectr, SVG-Edit, Affinity Designer, GIMP, OpenOffice Draw, Serif Drawplus (starter edition) and Pixlr.

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