Adobe Magento – Pros and Cons

Adobe Magento

General features

Adobe Magento is a Multi-Store Solution that Serve all customers via digital channels, from a single account without extending business resource requirements. Adobe Magento uses web browser capabilities to provide a mobile app-like experience to easily make pages more immersive and performing. It allows directly selling and distributing on the amazon marketplace. Adobe Magento allows Setting up and manage Google advertising campaigns directly. It allows building, deploying and optimizing progressive web apps (PWAs) quickly and cost effectively. Adobe Magento Ensure real-time visibility into product availability to meet customer expectations across all channels. It allows enhancing loyalty with complete account management that gives customers the familiarity they deserve. Adobe Magento lets easily turn data into visual reports and save them to unlimited customized dashboards. Its Fully Managed Service feature provides global network of expert help, peer support and other resources to ensure focus on the commerce experience.

Newer Innovations

Adobe Magento Commerce provides unparalleled agility and flexibility across all touch points with customers. 

Its unified commerce solution allows managing all content and products in one place.

Adobe Magento is a multi-brand solution helps to keep it all together without switching platforms, hiring or training additional staff or bouncing between partners.

Its responsive design makes it a breeze for buyers to purchase on any device they choose.

Adobe Magento’s machine learning automatically adjust prices on Amazon for better placement allowing to improve ad targeting across Google networks.

It is specifically designed for the B2B buyer. Its integrated B2B capabilities let customers self-manage their company accounts.

Adobe Magento provides intuitive admin user experience (UX) and tools that lets team members become productive without having to rely on IT for support. 

Why use it?

Adobe Magento’s Omni channel experience provides a seamless and more personalized shopping experience regardless of channel.

 It simplifies workflow while enabling a unified experience for the buyer.

Adobe Magento’s commerce intelligence measures and optimizes digital content that delivers the right experience at just the right time and in the right context. 

Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are –

Magento Commerce Cloud is an optimal solution if budget is not the primary concern.

 Magento Commerce Cloud is great for larger online stores with a high volume of sales.

 Magento Commerce Cloud is streamlined for businesses that do not need a lot of heavy customized functionalities.

Its End-user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Its Plugins provide extended functionality.

 Needs Improvement

Some of the customers want improvements in complexity of Magento 1 to 2 migrations. It needs a powerful server to run. It has too many bugs.

 Similar Products in Industry

Other Similar products available in market are WalMart BigCommerce Integration, Wix, Pinnacle Cart, SAP Hybris, Elastic Path, Oracle Commerce, Episerver Commerce etc.

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