Agora Pulse-Pros and Cons

General features
AgoraPulse enables Agencies, businesses and marketers to manage in a better way by enabling them to manage social media messages, schedule and publish content and identify key influencers.
It also monitors social channels and get stunning reports in one easy-to-use dashboard.
Advanced analytics are delivered in PowerPoint and CSV reports in just one click.
It provides Social Media Inbox for each account with real time tracking of incoming messages.
Automatic moderation is provided to get rid of spam accounts and easy assignment of incoming messages.
It’s ‘Team workflow’ feature provides better collaboration and customer service.
It also facilitates audience qualification and ranking to build better business relationships.
It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube and Google+.
AgoraPulse offers few free tools for social media managers like Ads Report, Easy Advocacy, Facebook page Barometer and Twitter Report.
Newer Innovations
A single and centralized dashboard displays all the data.
Inbox Zero allows you to track each message you seen and check it off.
Benchmarking feature provide metrics to benchmark against competitors.
Calendar helps you in managing posts/tweets.
Data is synchronized after fixed interval of time.
Social Media strategic plan is created to save time.
Queue Manager feature allows you to schedule publishing of posts on specified time.
Bulk uploading of posts, RSS feeds and images can be done at scheduled time.
Why use it?
AgoraPulse provides efficient time saving Management.
It facilitates faster analysis of market.
AgoraPulse provides organized approach.
AgoraPulse has prompt Customer Support to answer queries on time.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Agorapulse establishes strong online presence, keeps organized and saves time.
It effectively monitors Ads.
AgoraPulse helps to manage employee workload.
Reporting of top- performing content, engagements and post content is best.
It provides detailed Data Reports but still easy to read, understand and accurate.
Needs Improvement
It needs to focus more on Statistics that can help marketers to change their tactics on social media.
More interactivity is needed on Instagram.
Needs further development on its mobile App.
Similar Products in Industry
Other Social media analytic software products available in market are Hootsuite, Zoho Social, Sprout social, NetBase etc.

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