Appian Business Process Management-Pros and Cons

General Information
Appian is one of the most preferred and modern low code application development platforms. Its mobile compatibility, cloud features and very attractive UI make it a very demanding one. The tool comes with numerous features such as real-time management, complex event processing and out of the box integration. The platform enables instant deployment, native process repository, predictive analysis, skill-based routing and social collaboration. The other features that make it distinct are the aggregated process history; forms interface design and business rules. The built-in enterprise mobility, Appian labs and dynamic reporting are some of the other features.
Newer Innovations in the Appian
The new version of Appian comes with a lot more additional features like improvised design objects, a smarter interface, better components additions and performance upgrading. The latest features are increased speed, enhanced Appian AI, expanded Appian Connected System’s architecture and integrated Health check. The simplified DevOps makes it an easy to use application. It offers Google Cloud Translation and Google Cloud Vision Connected System and Optical Character Recognition. It includes new no code connected system through DocuSign and AWS Signature Ver.4 support.
Why we use Appian
With the new and improvised technological advancement, Appian provides simple, intelligent automation and intuitive end-user experience. It requires least full –time employee support. Appian automatically upgrades with no added cost. It offers critical application secure, available and compliant.
Industry positive comments
Some of the positive feedbacks are Appian has the capability in providing real-time data on all connected systems. It is quick to learn as compared to other BPM products. It is the best tool to connect with people. It helps in process management optimization. It is easy to build and demo the product. It provides sleek interface, inter-connectivity and scalable.
Needs Improvement
The area that needs improvement is the graphical user interface. It also needs to reduce license costs. Requires the addition of specific components to improve the performance. Need an increase in basic debugging capability. Need to amend specific default form layouts.
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are PMG,K2 Platform, Nintex Promapp, IBM BlueworksLive, Live Cycle. Laserfiche, Process Maker, Kissflow, Quick Base, Pega Platform and Nintex Platform.

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