Black Line-Pros and Cons

General Information

BlackLine provides help in the market of different financial solutions. The software has an easy-to-use program and tools, which makes it possible to transform complex finances through its working systems. BlackLine has tools, which allows the creation of audits, and with the use of that detailed reports. Overall, it provides large financial solutions to the enterprise, from which they can develop and continue to make for efficient decisions.

BlackLine offers a powerful cloud-based system, which also allows for finance automation within the software. It is able to carry out for example a specific economic system and analyse it, as well as covering different financial areas with specific functions. Blackline provides technical support that is intended to support and guide the user of the software to a pleasant experience.

Newer Innovations in BlackLine

The software comes with a tool called BlackLine, which consodilates closing processes. BlackLine has a newly designed homepage, which comes with a new dashboard showing completion status. It keeps track of the company’s finances very carefully.

BlackLine is able to carry out complex transactions, as well as the complex creation of audits.

The software also provides extremely highly detailed reports of different researches.

BlackLine comes with increased productivity due to a modern platform, which comes with embedded controls and auto-certification

Why we use BlackLine?

The software helps a lot in different financial situations, both complex and simple, and therefore is suitable for larger businesses.

BlackLine saves a lot of time and money, which improves economy of organizations using it.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers comment that BlackLine is attractive, and that it works well and has lots of features to offer. BlackLine integrates seamlessly with multiple devices. The software has a very simple interface, and the functionality of their tool BlackLine is very complete for use. BlackLine has an innovative platform with great use of overall modern financing

Needs Improvement

The software at times has slow connectivity of banks, as well as occasional server failures, which might disrupt an individuals work. BlackLine sometimes lacks vital information about companies, and is not extremely flexible in terms of intercompany reconciliations. The software is also incapable of uploading extremely large account files.

Similar Products in the Industry

BlackLine alongside some of the similar search products in the industry consists of for example FloQast, Sage Intact, NetSuite, SAP ERP, Oracle Peoplesoft, Quickbooks Online, Planful, Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise, Xero, Epicor ERP

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