Brainshark Sales Enablement-Pros and Cons

General features

Brainshark provides businesses with the training, coaching and content creation capabilities to achieve sales mastery. It allows companies to prepare sales teams with on-demand training that accelerates onboarding and keeps reps up-to-speed. Brainshark validate readiness with sales coaching and empower sales organizations with rich, dynamic content that can be created quickly and accessed anywhere. It provides integration with major platforms like Highspot, Microsoft outlook etc. Brainshark allows to Create engaging, memorable content to power sales readiness and effectiveness through its content authoring feature. It also allows preparing sellers with the content they need through its content management and sharing feature.


Newer Innovations


Why use it?

Brainshark is an easy to use with sales readiness comprehensive platform with AI powered technology.


 Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are –

 Brainshark software is extremely user friendly.

Its interface is simple to use.

 It enables users to quickly and efficiently create and distribute.

 It is very easy to use and navigate.

 It is simple to use for both the designer AND the end-user.

 Needs Improvement

Some of the people in the industry want it to have more music options. It does not have any interactive options. It is not easy to navigate sometimes.

Similar Products in Industry

Other Similar products available in market are Seismic, MindTickle, Highspot, Outreach, Showcase, Tiled, Bloomfire etc.

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