BRAND 24-Pros and Cons

General features
It’s a cloud-based marketing solution that helps in content discovery and distribution.
It offers an Online Mentions feature that shows mentions across social media platforms, blogs, news sites, forms and generates alerts when mention occurs.
It identifies sudden changes in the discussion volume to protect your company image.
It also discovers what people say about your brand and allows you to act in real time.
It generates alerts when new brand mentions appear on social media.
It provides influence scores which helps users to identify industry influencers, they should be working with.
The Sentiment analysis helps gauge customer attitudes and satisfaction.
It provides data export options which allow you to export your data as PDF reports and infographics.
It protects brand’s online reputation by following up on positive comments from your brand ambassadors and respond to a dissatisfied customer.
It allows you to get instant alerts for negative mentions and engage key conversations.
Newer Innovations
It provides Filtering option to narrow down your results based on sentiment, number of visits and mention source.
It also provides Actionable insights that save your time and allows you to make data driven decisions.
It provides the listening tool to find leads, identifies where to promote product and finds customers before they find you.
It tracks various hashtags, finds influencers and, also measures the effects of hashtag campaigns.
It measures your marketing efforts by finding number of people seen your brand mentions and by tracking engagements, including likes, shares and comments.
Its Mobile App is available for web monitoring and allows you to respond on the go.
It provides comparison tools to compare the results of all your projects side by side.
It allows you to show live customers testimonials i.e. Real, clickable social media mentions of your customers praising your products online.
Why use it?
Brand24 provides efficient and time saving Management.
It facilitates Effective Analysis of market using Artificial Intelligence.
It creates strong relationships with customers.
Brand24 provides fast responsive customer support service.
Industry’s Positive Comments
The user interface of the tool is brilliant and intuitive.
We use Brand24 to find social alerts and new audiences to engage with our brand.
It provides me the opportunity to get notifications on other brands and keywords I want to follow.
It can also be used as sentiment tracker and an influencer sourcing tool makes it extremely good value for money.
The sentiment score is very valuable to us when monitoring social chatter.
Needs Improvement
Templates should be made customizable for creating reports.
Its mobile version is bit difficult to use compared to the desktop version.
Using platform initially is bit complicated.
Similar Products in Industry
Other Social media analytic software products available in market are Salesforce Marketing Cloud,, Zoho Social, Google Analytics, Social Studio, NetBase, Buffer etc.

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