Brand Watch-Pros and Cons

General features
Brand Watch offers brand management by real time online monitoring of mentions of your brand and measures its visibility in social media.
It provides content strategy by creating authentic and personalized content to catch target audiences.
Brand Watch does Competitor analysis by benchmarking your marketing performance and brand awareness against all your competitors.
The Influencer marketing discovers the genuine influencers and analyze most effective brand advocates.
The Crisis management helps you to never miss a critical mention and ensure tools to sheer up your teams through these make-or-break moments.
The Social media monitoring feature of Brand Watch allows to measure campaigns, brands products for quantitative metrics such as conversation volume and your brand’s share of voice.
The Sentiment scoring determines whether mentions of your brand are positive, negative or neutral
The Content Engagement Analysis tracks engagements like views, retweets, comments, likes etc. and highlights the content which resonate best with the target audience.
It allows marketer to use platform in more than 27 different languages.
Brand Watch analyzes data from 80 million+ sources including blogs and customer reviews.
Newer Innovations
Brand Watch automatically uncovers the gender interests, profession and location of the authors in your data.
It exports your dashboard straight into a fully customizable PowerPoint to make a data driven presentations.
It allows to set alerts based on thresholds and allows to filter source specific alerts.
The Hashtag detection allows to pull over hashtags used with brand mentions.
Brand Watch uses sophisticated technologies like AI to find the most compelling Insights.
The Consumer Research gives you instant access to world’s largest library of consumer’s conversations.
It offers Data Visualization by distributing Insights directly to decision-makers.
The Spam filtering feature automatically filters out spams and identifies relevant conversations to your brand.
Why use it?
Brand Watch facilitates Fast and Efficient Management.
It helps in Real time analysis of market.
It Helps in maintaining Strong Customer Relations.
Brand Watch has 24/7 Live Customer Support.
Industry’s Positive Comments
It allows us to incorporate visuals into reports.
I like the constant innovation approach of Brand Watch as they update and add improvements to their platform constantly.
Its robust and pretty charting features gives the ability to display data from a broad range of criteria and in a variety of presentations.
Brand Watch simplifies the process of aggregating and displaying social intelligence.
It provides us with the maximum number of metadata per mention thus giving maximum scope of slicing the data and analyzing in different ways.
Needs Improvement
E-commerce Review coverage should be included
Brand Watch needs to add more sources with proper API Integration
More accurate auto-categorization of mentions is needed to improve
Similar Products in Industry
Other Social media analytic software products available in market are, Zoho Social, Salesforce, Mention, Social Studio, NetBase, Buffer etc.

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