BreezyHR Recruitment-Pros and Cons

General Features

BreezyHR is an end to end recruiting platform it smoothly performs your entire process of hiring and allow you to connect with candidates by automating the different manual task. BreezyHR with its feature candidate management allows creating different pipelines for different positions with its tools like drag and drop, scheduling, screening, automation, etc. BreezyHR reporting and analytics are a feature generates very effective reporting containing all the information related to hiring. BreezyHR automates your process with candidate emails and SMS messages user can send email and messages directly through the profile and makes better communication. BreezyHR reduces the time by posting jobs in all best free job boards from anywhere in just one click user must create the job one time only. it also creates employee referral portals to encourage employees reference or you can integrate your portal. BreezyHR allows you to involve your team to help in hiring which is easy to use; users can discuss with the team and create custom scorecards to ensuring better hiring. BreezyHR candidate sourcing is simple with Google extensions, employee referral and adding team members in breezy. BreezyHR also allows users to push your job post to the company websites to increase your source of applicants. BreezyHR comes with a feedback management system that helps to hire committee members by the feedback received from different sources. BreezyHR allows us to have background screening on candidates from the candidate profile just to hire great candidates. 

Newer Innovation

BreezyHR with its regular updation now offers video interviews of your desired candidate which can be done remotely as a communication medium. It runs real-time evaluation and helps the recruiter to screen the candidate quickly by having a pre-recorded interview video. BreezyHR will never let you forget about scheduling email again as it now automates the interview schedule with a scheduling link which saves many hours in a day with a personalized experience. BreezyHR introduced Tasks that keep the team on track which ensures nothing falls through the cracks. BreezyHR now has a chrome extension that helps in optimizing your sourcing, helps in analyze the recruiting process step-by-step. BreezyHR all-in-one and step-by-step interview guide help candidates feel wow from pre-screening to offer stages. BreezyHR announced its another new feature talent search that makes recruiters, businesses proactively in search for a quality candidate by simply entering qualification and location range. This feature gives instant access to candidates’ emails, social media and contact details that help recruiters to build a bond and engage them by nurturing them about the job opening. BreezyHR has extended its reach to the APAC region and beyond with its integration with SEEK. BreezyHR has also made its integration with many other HRIS like GoodHire, Indeed Assessments, HackerRank, Checkr, Criteria Corp which stimulates the hiring process faster and friendly background checks. BreezyHR has added GDPR Compliance Kit that helps in stay fully compliant allowing automating the candidate consent; save time with bulk GDPR action and reporting; Customizable GDPR message template and many more. 

Why we use BreezyHR?

BreezyHR has a drag and drops applicant tracking system which gives its user power to optimize the hiring process. BreezyHR is simple, easy to use and has a user-friendly user interface with excellent customization designed for everyone/ any company being whatever size. BreezyHR shoots job posting instantly to multiple big career sites which onboard candidates from multiple locations to apply for a job requirement. BreezyHR has simple flexible pricing where it’s all plan includes unlimited users, candidates and customer support to grow company size from 10 to 1000 and more. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments are BreezyHR has a great feature to push job announcements to various websites. BreezyHR comes with a feature of ranking and feedback system to help to hire also it allows committee members to keep track of their thoughts. BreezyHR has a nice option of drag and drops users can get things done quite quickly. BreezyHR provides lots of templates for job posting which makes it fast it is very easy to use with its learning tutorials and user-friendly interface.

Needs Improvement

BreezyHR has great features but it is lacking with customer reliability sometimes this site gets slow with the operations also sometimes gets down completely. BreezyHR’s initial setup can be improved it takes a lot of time. BreezyHR should add more options to email functionality. BreezyHR should offer a flexible plan as it is a bit costly as compared to other tools available in the market. BreezyHR should add the option to show where the free add has been posted and their status. 

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar products in the industry are Workable, Crelate Talent, Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Lever, LinkedIn Talent Hub, BambooHR, Greenhouse, iCIMS, SmartRecruters, JazzHR. 

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