Campaign Monitor Email Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Campaign Monitor is an online email marketing application that enable user to create their own personalized messages, emails with easy designs and also helps in send, manage and track branded emails for themselves and their clients. Campaign Monitor’s drag and drop functionality helps in easy creation of personalized emails. Campaign Monitor’s templates are mobile responsive due to which one can send campaign everywhere as it looks great on every device. Campaign Monitor automation feature engage audience on a personal level by delivering relevant emails and messages which helps in growth and generating revenue. Campaign Monitor’s offers multiple login to the same account to maintain single account. Campaign Monitor’s optimization tools enable real time tracing of email marketing campaigns effectively. Campaign Monitor’s helps in growing subscriber lists and its social features to promote sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Campaign Monitor allow users to identify potential issues which would help in stopping email from sending. Apart from this, Campaign Monitor automates campaign and also creates engaging email campaigns which helps sales team in boosting sales, generate business and then to revenue.

Newer Innovation

There are many email marketing tools that are working in the market but Campaign Monitor has some innovative features that one can use to make your email campaigns rock. Campaign Monitor offering new design tools which helps in creating mobile responsive email. Campaign Monitor offers online survey and email marketing which enables customer to get a free Getfeedback survey account. Campaign Monitor has beautiful HTMLs of subscription email confirmation section which says thankyou to every new subscribers. Campaign monitors has WYSIWYG online editor which is easy to use Campaign Monitor added Campaign Monitor Commerce in its family as its new feature. Campaign Monitor’s engagement tool helps in identify and in re-engage those subscribers which might have fallen off radar. Campaign Monitor can now enable adjustments to an image with resize slider and can see the new image live in an email as well. The resize adjustments feature supports transparent images and even remembered as user drag and move the image between the columns in email. Campaign Monitor email automation and campaign creation is straightforward and has no frills. Campaign Monitor CAN SPAM compliance and puts its reliability and security at first to ensure its customer accounts data is secured and is in safe hands. 

Why we use Campaign Monitor? 

Campaign Monitor has much new and easy go features than its predecessor. Campaign Monitor automation is straightforward with easy navigation and User Interface. Campaign Marketing has transformed the marketing with its automation, contact management, segment management, personalization and easy to import features. Campaign Monitor is great for straightforward sends as it can be setup and send emails within 5 minutes. Campaign Monitor automation and segment feature helps in sending right message at the right time. Campaign Monitor is easy, user friendly, quick and enable to share live map reporting. Campaign Monitor gives option to import templates to use it in an easy way. From setting up template, creating campaign, setting up automation – campaign Monitor is super simple to use. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the most positive comment given by the customer is that Campaign Monitor’s email templates and newsletter are very easy to use, well-designed, mobile optimized, customizable and have a professional style. Campaign Monitor’s has intuitive and easy way to change the templates even if you do not have web design experience. Campaign Monitor’s real time reporting is impressive as it gives information where world users are opening and interacting with emails. Campaign Monitor’s straightforward automation added value to the contact management, segment management and in boosting sales. The email builder is very clean and easy to use. Campaign Monitor’s easy setup and implementation with personalisation, A/B testing and dynamic content makes ones life easy with multiple management. Campaign Monitors allowing creation and edit automated email journey is easy to learn as its learning curve is pretty low, one can easily learn its navigation and implemented features. 

Needs Improvement

Campaign Monitor’s has limitations of ability to design and customizing the templates, registration confirmation messages as it could have improved. It is a bit difficult to build and test the template so there may be bit more flexibility in customization. Campaign Monitor doesn’t have any native social sharing features as it gets enable by using third party site in order to get the links for social sharing buttons. An HTML editing mode would be welcome, as the templates are currently very restrictive. Campaign Monitor lacks with all-in-one platform feature as its competitors do have it so it can be improved. The automation features is powerful but is basic so it can have more robust option. Currently Campaign Monitor has no way to organize your email campaigns. It would be helpful to have a folder feature so user could sort the different types of campaigns rather than searching through all archived campaigns.

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