Canto-Pros and Cons

General Information

Canto is the simplest, yet most powerful DAM system in the market. Marketing teams across all industries trust Canto to organize, secure and share visual brand assets with ease.
Canto makes team collaboration easy with a simple-to-use user interface and attractive features, like automatic file organization, watermarking and copyright license management. Easily search for your brand assets with the help of custom metadata fields.
Canto comes with prebuilt connectors to Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, WordPress, DropBox, Slack, Facebook, Google Drive, Pinterest, Twitter. Or custom build your own integration with Canto API. Access content in Canto from any device with highly-mobile friendly responsive UI.

Newer Innovations in the Canto

New uploads are automatically placed in a Smart Album. These albums are easy to navigate and provide a quick go-to option to search for assets.
Canto labels media libraries with Keywords and automatic Smart Tags. These labels makes them easier to search for.

We can create our own folder of our favorite files and place them separately.

Advanced Search makes it, so you’ll never lose a file again. Canto is enabled with super-fast facial recognition.
Files shared through Canto by email or links can include an expiration date. After the expiration date, the download links will be deactivated.

Why we use Canto ?

Canto supports workflows that allow for content modification.
It simplifies and streamlines your workflows and Automates workflows and enhances team creativity.
Tags images automatically and uses facial recognition which saves your valuable time.
Canto increases the security, organization and searchability of digital assets.

Industry Positive Comments
Some customers said that the integration of their existing system was very fast. They had everything housed on Google Drive and then migrated it over to Canto. It was really fast and easy.
The search-ability is amazing and has a really simple tagging system. It literally saved hours searching for content. . The customer service has been really quick and easy to work with.

Needs Improvement
Some customers complain that the upload time is really slow which definitely could be improved. The content files are also at a really low resolution on the preview in Canto so it is hard to tell the quality of photo until you download it. Some dislike the less than helpful tags that the program will add to an image.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are, HiHaHo, Widen Collective, Image relay, Extensis, Libris, Wiredrive, Bynder Webdam, intelligencebank, Nuxeo.

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