Cloud Talk -Pros and Cons

General Information
CloudtTalk is new generation call centre software with the latest technological integration. The features of Call queuing, Call recording, Internal calls / Extensions, Voicemail, Number porting and Toll-free numbers. It also brings in features such as International numbers, Short numbers, personalized greetings & music, internal phone number tags, Skills-based routing, Automatic outbound caller ID and Real-time customer card.
Newer Innovations in the CloudTalk
The new additional features of this tool are SMS/Text Messages feature, migrate Aircall data to CloudTalk, Power dialer, Call Flow Designer, Zendesk Sell + CloudTalk Integration and Multilingual Phone App. Few more add-ons include Smart dialer, Automated call redirection and Ring on speakers
Why we use CloudTalk
With CloudTalk, we get seamless and fast customer support, a very comprehensive and transparent admin Interface. It has instant customer information access and can offer detailed call statistics and analyses.
Industry positive comments
Some of the positive feedback it’s easy to set-up and has a very intuitive interface. It provides a great upfront sales experience. It is a great alternative solution to traditional call centres. It is a very nice app to call. It gives all the features required for a great call centre tool. It is easy to proceed with the integration of CloudTalk with LiveAgent.
Needs Improvement
The areas that need improvement are a better sound quality with earphones. It needs to provide an original mobile app. It needs more synchronization with Pipedrive. Need for broader integration with Freshdesk Integration to external services. Need to reduce monthly license cost.
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are Genesys Pure Engage, Genesys Pure Connect, TalkDesk, NICEin Contact, UJET, Aspect Workforce Management, Avaya Aura, Fuze, SAP Contact Center, CallMiner Eureka.

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