Constant Contact Email Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Constant Contact is used to send automated email campaigns like a pro with easy to use feature with current and prospective customers with a variety of fonts and images with helpful analytics such as open and click rates. With the help of Constant Contact one can use email templates or can copy the same campaign over and over, saving the time from having to recreate and can choose an image library that offers hosting of upto 2GB. Constant Contact has smooth navigation and free integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce and many more (400+) make it easier to streamline marketing efforts . Constant Contact is very easy to set up, its mobile optimized templates and drag and drop editor make it easy to create, customize and professional emails which engage customers on every compatible device with No coding and stress necessary. Constant Contact allows feasible email and landing page customization within the design portal with adjusting preheader text, changing custom colors, adding interactive gifs. Constant Contact allows you to track the Analytics of the newsletters that you send out. Constant Contact email marketing is the most effective tool for acquisition, awareness, conversion and retention as it connects with customer with even more effective features like coupons, polls, events with its growing business plans.

Newer Innovation

Constant Contact have a huge collections and selection of customizable templates that are easily edited and styled which is ready to start blasting information to all of the contacts. Constant Contact offers customization like – Add custom fields, tag contacts, and so much more. Constant Contact  With a 98% deliverability rate, Constant Contact ensures your contacts will receive your emails in their inbox. Constant Contact drives more sales in less of time. Constant Contact use dynamic sign up forms, automatic display trigger boost sales and maximize the growth. Constant Contact greet new subscribers with a timely welcome email. Constant Contact segmentation management sends right message at right time and it resend the emails to the non-opener PLUS you can access thousands of free images in the library if you can’t locate that perfect image. Constant Contact has streamlines 24*7 support team to give outstanding experience to its user. Constant Contact offers fundraising tool which collects the online donation securely and track it on landing page. Constant Contact has Eventbrite integration which offers creation, promotion and management of events very easily and effectively.

Why we use Constant Contact?

Constant Contact interface is one of the easiest automation marketing services and is very nice, easy and intuitive, which allows user to quickly learn to use this system without any coding learning or issues. Offering template creation is very easy because the system has a great variety of templates and one can choose according to its idea and can edit it easily. Constant Contact with its beautifully design and customized templates engage more number of people and builds brand recognition. Constant Contact facilitates you constantly promoting your brand with contact with your current and prospective clients. Constant Contact with its powerful automation marketing campaign and email helps in boosting sales and growth which delivers a $38 return on every $1 spent. Constant contact is Inexpensive. Frankly, it does exactly what we need it to do.

Industry Positive Comment

Constant contact sends the right email to right person at right time but its beautiful feature of                    re-send email message to those who haven’t opened yet is exclusively impressing. Constant contact is ease to use due to flawless delivery of emails, easy to use email templates, easy to manage subscribers list, easy to manage contact list, easy to upload your subscribers list from other email platforms. Constant Contact allows you to track the Analytics and generates runtime reporting of emails sent.

Needs Improvement

Constant Contact needs more flexibility in its email design templates and layouts. Mobile responsive is its great and beautiful feature but it could be improved as it do not looks much great as look on desktop. Constant Contact if can integrate several accounts into one master account for easy management by a supervisor then it would add star to its great feature and can become one of its SOP. Constant Contact needs improvement in its fee structure as it is based on number of contacts, one must keep add and delete list of contacts to keep monthly cost down.

Similar Products in the Industry:

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