Digimind-Pros and Cons

General features
Digimind Provides comprehensive social media coverage of all social accounts at one place. It measures the brand reputation, detects and anticipate a crisis, and analyzes brand perception to adjust your brand strategy. It develops a hive of actionable data, insights, and analytics for both known competitors and new entrants to tune your strategy and identifying positioning gaps.
Digimind analyzes mentions of the brand to innovate, differentiate, and delivers what customers desire. It finds the right partner, from the micro-influencer to key opinion leaders, to drive business brand awareness and customer engagement.
Digimind helps track new trends to let businesses stay ahead in the market. Digimind maximizes and evaluates campaign impact and ROI across marketing, communications, and customer experience teams with accurate metrics and insights.
Digimind measures the performance of content by analyzing and benchmarking all social accounts simultaneously. Digimind defines audiences by using consumer demographic and behavioral analysis. Digimind helps discover brand strength and weaknesses in order to identify risks and opportunities of the market.
Newer Innovations
Digimind AI Sense provides AI-powered features to customers with an unparalleled ability to analyze vast amount of social and web data for more accurate consumer insights.
Digimind Smart classification feature able to understand the pattern of mentions and automatically tag them for prompt and relevant data organization through the power of Machine learning and NLP. Its Sentiment Analysis using Machine learning and NLP confirms that no user validation is required on its relevance. It saves time and provides the highest level of accuracy.
Digimind has bulk actions feature which allows users to manage a massive amount of mentions in a single click.
Digimind enables businesses to see the relevant conversations, in real-time, across millions of online sources in order to gain valuable insights and true understanding of the market.
Digimind has more than 80 interactive dashboards are accessible from one global overview interface, presenting everything in a single glance.
Digimind allows you to use predesigned templates or customize them yourself to easily interpret data and create reports. Team members can flag results and insights within the platform to facilitate conversations with peers and managers.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Few Business users believe that Digimind is an amazing solution for monitoring brands; it helps gather real time insights about our brand from across the web. They believe Digimind Statistics and data visualizations are eloquent and comprehensive. Business users also appreciate that Digimind is capable to track conversations in many different languages. Others believe Digimind is easy to use with best in class analytics .
Needs Improvement
Few business users commented that Digimind should allow backtrack information and review statistics that could be compared with the current data for better visualization. They suggested Digimind Sentiment analysis can be made more accurate. It needs to provide more curated list of influencers as right now it’s difficult to pinpoint individual influencer.
Similar Products in Industry
Other Social media analytic software products available in market are Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Falcon.io, Zoho Social, Google Analytics, Social Studio, NetBase, Buffer, etc.

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