Digital River Commerce- Pros and Cons

General features

Digital River is a fully integrated commerce suite that helps businesses handle and meet their commerce, payments, and marketing requirements. Its payment processing and powerful marketing features further enhance the delivery of service and positively impact customer experience. Digital River commerce suite delivers a myriad of solutions, ranging from back-office services, order management, channel lead management, merchandising, and self-service. Digital River makes it easy for both buyers and sellers to handle their payment needs and selling configurations. Digital River provides companies with many choices of online marketing services. Digital River users can enjoy powerful features such as display advertising, advanced analytics, email marketing, site optimization, and search engine marketing.

Newer Innovations

Digital River’s flexible and API-powered solutions allow businesses to sell direct to their customers globally. Its modular platform, global expertise, and advanced partner ecosystem lets brands focus on creating seamless buyer experiences. Digital River’s unique business model is expertly designed to help accelerate global expansion, grow revenue, and protect business from risk. Its headless commerce approach enables brands to build a nimble solution comprised of best-of-breed components. Digital River flexible API architecture and growing partner network makes it easy for businesses to plug and play its solutions into their existing ecosystem.

Why use it?

Digital River consists of a global infrastructure made up of huge 60+ payment gateways and more than hundreds of bank connections globally. It provides flexible APIs made for global expansion. Digital River uses machine learning to ensure the right personalized experience delivery. Digital River provides great CMS flexibility to quickly make updates to the experience layer.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are that 

Digital River enables users to sell to hundreds of countries at once. 

Digital River has a robust interface with a lot of reporting options. Digital River’s value lies in the point that they hold themselves accountable and are transparent. Digital River has an excellent user interface.

 Needs Improvement

Few Business users believe that Digital River Web development projects can be long and are slow to be brought to the Market. Others believe that Digital River Customer support could be faster.

 Similar Products in Industry

Some of the other similar products available in the Market are Walmart BigCommerce Integration, Wix, Pinnacle Cart, SAP Hybris, Elastic Path, Adobe Magento, Oracle Commerce, etc. 

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