E-Clincher-Pros and Cons

General features
E-Clincher provides a single interface for user to manage publishing, engagement, content curation, brand awareness, and social selling. It Connects all social media accounts as has integration with most of the channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, etc. as well as with other third-party tools like Canva, Google Analytics, etc. E-Clincher schedules your post to multiple social networks, profiles, and pages. The Post-publishing and scheduling tool lets users create, manage drafts, queue content, and auto-post. Its publishing automation feature includes auto-post with smart queues and auto-post with RSS feeds. E-clincher social media inbox automatically collects all messages, comments, conversations, mentions, reviews, retweets, new followers, and notifications from all your profiles and pages. It allows you to collect and share popular content across the web. E-Clincher discovers and monitors what is happening on social media using keywords and hashtags, your brand mentions and reputation, and your competitor activities and updates. It’s Content Management and curation tools let the user create and share images, animated GIFs along with a free image library. E-Clincher allows viewing live social media feeds, to engage, and to start new conversations for making real-time engagements. It will enable you to add new members as well as to assign user roles with restricted permissions to manage multiple accounts. E-Clincher also helps manage and store media, creative work, and images with your own dedicated cloud storage.
Newer Innovations
E-Clincher platform provides full integration with Google My Business, which allows business users to publish and schedule posts to Google My Business accounts and locations. It boosts social traffic and engagements with Smart Queues feature that eliminates the need of scheduling posts on daily basis. E-Clincher tracks keywords and hashtags to identify new leads, tracks competitor’s activity, discover trends, monitor brand mentions and much more. It provides Live Analytics Dashboard with the option to connect Google Analytics Account, giving user real-time insights into follower trends, post-performance, website traffic, referral domains, and much more.
E-Clincher provides Chrome Extension plug-in to share the article to your followers directly without opening the E-Clincher App. It has Built-in Visual Marketing tools to enhance your social media posts.
E-Clincher ‘Finding and curating new content’ feature is now available with Suggested Content Feeds, which suggest different articles from the web. Its Calendar Filter feature allows business users to selectively view calendar posts so that you can view posts as ‘Waiting for approval’ posts or ‘Approved’ posts or ‘Rejected’ posts.
Industry Positive Comments
Customer believes that E-Clincher Articles feed is a pure delight as it tracks article by keywords; and even tell how many influencers are discussing them. E-Clincher enables me to produce White label reports showing statistics and illustrated with graphs
Others commented that E-Clincher integration with tools such as Feedly and Canva is pretty deep.
Needs Improvement
Few customers wanted Mobile App needs to be upgraded, to add many more functionalities and usability. Few customers believe that it takes more time to get acquainted with the platform due to its interface and non-intuitive navigation.
Similar Products in Industry
Other Social media analytic software products available in the market are Falcon.io, Zoho Social, Salesforce, Mention, Social Studio, Khoros Marketing, Buffer, etc.

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