Elastic Path Commerce Pros and cons

General features

Elastic Path Commerce is a ‘headless e-commerce system’. Its system is API based and is specifically targeted towards Enterprise level organizations. Elastic Path Commerce platform’s modern architecture offers agility and speed-to-market. It is designed for extensibility and integration to the external ecosystem. Elastic Path Commerce integration framework preserves existing investments in custom or legacy business systems without the need to replace all of them at once. Elastic Path Commerce is a pure-play commerce platform that provides out-of-the-box comprehensive commerce capabilities. Elastic Path Commerce supports on-premise and cloud-enhanced deployments, both on public and private clouds. Elastic Path Commerce is built for hyper-scalability and can handle demanding levels of real-time commerce transactions.

It is built on a foundation of some of the industry’s most trusted Java open source projects. 

Newer Innovations

Elastic Path’s easy-to-use and easy-to-extend API called Cortex helps surfaces complex business rules and requirements from multiple systems in a simple, unified way. It is designed to work with complex enterprise environments where many legacy systems co-exist.

Elastic Path provides a best-of-breed approach that delivers superior results for the company when they are seeking to continuously create brand-defining experiences. Elastic Path Commerce is a powerful commerce platform for complex multi-vendor environments. Elastic Path is optimized to run natively on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It takes advantage of advanced AWS serviceswhich results in its cost-effectiveness.

Why use it?

Elastic Path Commerce provides unified commerce experiences across channels, devices, and business models on a single platform. 

It is an API-first commerce platform. Elastic path provides the ease of adding modules that extends the core functionality of the solution.

Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are 

BUsinesses like the microservice approach of Elastic Path Commerce. Its cortex is great for accelerating development. It provides a range of features to configure the product.

 Needs Improvement

Some of the customers want improvements in New Commerce Manager. They think that Elastic Path Commerce isn’t built for extensions so everything is difficult, and it takes much longer than expected to get everything done.

Similar Products in Industry

Other Similar products available in the market are Walmart BigCommerce Integration, Wix, Pinnacle Cart, SAP Hybris, Adobe Magento Commerce, Oracle Commerce, Episerver Commerce, etc. 

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