Emma Email Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Emma is a cloud-based email marketing software which helps all kind of organization to get more from their marketing. Emma enables to creates more beautiful and engaging designed email campaigns. Emma comes with a platform which offers WYSIWYG email editor, helps in create dynamic content, offers A/B testing which ensures email should reach right at the inbox. Emma’s mobile optimization email deliverability feature makes it more user friendly as it can be used at any time and anywhere . Emma has a drag and drop editor which helps in creating customizable email campaigns and templates according to marketer’s requirement and choice. Emma allows users to manage and organize email across multiple locations. Emma is fully integrated with many other apps. Emma enables a feature in which user can create own template using Html. Emma automation or triggered email features helps in sending emails to subscribes at the right time when they are about to open their inbox . Emma segmentation feature allow user/ subscriber and marketer team  to create targeted customer list to deliver more relevant content and campaigns which  helps in boosting sales and increase business growth. Emma reporting and analytics features offers  dashboards, standard reports, custom reports which helps in analysing real time activity and helps in improving plan of action. Emma support system offers phone support, chat support, email support. Emma has all the tools that you need to master the email marketing activities. Emma is leading industry standards which allows user to send thousands of unique mails per second.

Newwer Innovation

Emma is committed to the marketers for helping to do their best work with its innovative features. Emma has split testing feature which make user life easy to test the original version of their email against the another version. Emma can track the subscribers activity through click based heat map displays to know where the subscriber is clicking in its email, the larger the circle, the more clicks are. Emma has ability of built-in email approvals to their users. Emma provides a comprehensive training to their users with a professional and highly knowledgeable expert team which makes this platform more engaging with its user and subscriber. Emma automation feature allows subscribe to have personalization, relevancy and timeliness in their emails. Emma platform comes with GDPR implementation which helps in complying obligations as a controller to subscriber’s personal data and ensures that it is safe and secure. Emma offer anti spam policy where you need to opt in all contact list to be compliance with can-spam act before any campaign is sent to the subscriber.

Why we use Emma?

Emma tries to automate the process where it is possible as it is one of the smartest tool in email marketing. Emma suits with all size and kind of organization where it is needed for marketing . Emma simply enhance your approach to your desired customer list. Emma can monitor what your subscriber like and where he clicked by its reporting feature in both devices whether its mobile or any other platform. Emma allows its user to create a beautiful mails to their subscriber like u can edit template through html, drag and drop feature , list segmentation etc. one can completely customize the campaign as per their need . Emma makes your email marketing as easy as you need. Emma offers powerful integrations with best apps (Zapier, Shopify, Youtube, Google Analytics) which help in reach large scale of audience.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comment is that Emma has the user interface which makes it very easy to create campaigns and send the periodical mails, beautiful prebuilt template which you can edit also using the editor tools .Emma’s tool just drag and drop and put your link with the image makes it very easy. Emma allows Intergration which is very easy with many other third party apps. Emma’s testing and previews of  the mails is very easy. Emma helps in scheduling and segmenting your mails as you need. Emma makes possible to its user to collect data, build targeted audience and do your marketing in a most successful way then ever. Emma WYSIWYG is easy to use and great to have multiple sub account that all share one contact list to avoid duplicity.

Needs Improvement

Emma allows user to create emails perfectly but its also has limitation like you cannot save your html templates and then have to edit them. Emma features are often glitchy and confusing, it can better navigation workflow and UI can be enhanced offering more features on the platform. Emma’s copy / paste feature does not work as stated in the system , when we put the image in the email its not easy to adjust and put the link or text in to it as needed. Emma doesn’t allow to create personalize subject lines or any other specific descriptions. Emma do not have easy email formatting and have limited features, its little frustrating to change the template font to another font especially with bullet points.

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar product in the industry are Drip Ecommerce CRM, Vertical Response , Mailcchimp , Sales force marketing cloud , Bronto , Aweber, Active campaign , Get response,  Litmus , iContact.

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