ENOVIA PLM-Pros and Cons

General Information

ENOVIA enables stakeholders across the enterprise to contribute to sustainable innovation, including providing a comprehensive and robust set of capabilities for product lifecycle management. With PLM capabilities on the platform, digital continuity ensures PLM data is accessible by everyone in the value network and that all relevant stakeholders are included in the PLM processes.

ENOVIA has an extremely rich web GUI interface, can also be integrated with MS Office products. We can save our progress and check-in the files back with additional features like easy to align Engineering basic practice with the product, web-based application which allows more users to connect with any available desktop PC

Newer Innovations in the ENOVIA

With ENOVIA we can handle various task, from document and project management to multi-CAD integration and BOM management and now a terrific new functionality that makes CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS. In the near future, other 3D CAD platforms drive downstream functions like Simulation, Manufacturing and others. All these functionalities is available on-cloud and on-premises

ENOVIA help in the Management of Engineering Data & Change Control. Best part of Enovia V6 platform is its Central Database system and extensive use of MQL.

Why we use ENOVIA?

Key features which prompt us to use Enovia is that its pre-configured solutions are well planned; the various existing types and relationships are reminiscent of Tinker Toys. ENOVIA as all work stored in a central system that is easy to manipulate and allows for clean storage of files for large projects/activities. Its Easy integration of parts and documents and makings/tracking your budgets and goals a breeze

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers prefer to use the ENOVIA due to the improvements and features added to ENOVIA over the past few releases have really propelled it to the lead as a world-class enterprise PLM platform, its BOM creation works pretty well. With ENOVIA, Managing additional data outside of the CAD is perfect. Lots of options to store data and create a new part, and we can tailor in any way the client needs.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in functionality as ENOVIA is not meant for casual users or beginners, it’s not a simple interface, Reliance on Java creates frequent headaches for IT and users. Upgrading Enovia application is a headache and impossible in many a time, several functionalities are still under work and has not matured. ENOVIA’s lengthy process and involves a lots of steps and somewhat expensive to get started is a drawback.

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