Falcon.io-Pros and Cons

General features
Falcon.io social media management platform provides a Single Dashboard view to many social details. It has a single login that gets users social listening, engagement, publishing, analytics, and Audience data management capabilities. Falcon provides auto-publishing across channels and markets. It has a real-time content management feature, powered by advance scheduling, previewing, publishing and advertising of content on social channels along with its performance analysis and much more. It allows team collaboration and aligns brand consistency across departments and touchpoints. Falcon Social Media Analytics includes unlimited reporting and benchmarking. Falcon provides Social Media Monitoring with Real-time Listening, custom search queries, sentiment analysis, and high activity alerts. It boosts social marketing time and cost efficiency using audience profile data, campaign and team tracking. Falcon Social Media Engagement provides a single multi-feed inbox for all networks, priority and sentiment ranking, custom filters, and bulk actions. Its Customer Data Management feature allows businesses to know customers, prospects, and map their journeys in individual profiles. It also delivers real-time customer service and crisis management with a single social inbox.
Newer Innovations
Falcon has got a URL Builder and campaign tracker, which allow the formatting of tailored URLs for customized campaign tracking. Its custom filters allow business users to apply filters for specific searches. Falcon cross-channel Campaign Planner ensures alignment of all cross-channel activities. Its Sentiment Analysis feature monitors the positive, negative and neutral scores of social mentions which help in prioritizing. It also has an influencer Identification discover which social media influencers are interacting with your topics of interest. It also tracks Unusual Activity Alerts feature set notifications to alert you if there is a spike in specific listen projects. Its brand and trend monitoring give updates of the marketing strategy by tracking popular topics and hashtags. Falcon provides public APIs (Application Programming Interface) to customers to access their data and present it to websites and Apps.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Business users believe that Falcon works great in Multilingual settings. Its ability to monitor brand mentions, sentiments and callouts across all social media platforms in one convenient dashboard is amazing. It also excels in making engagements with clients easier.
It also allows to tag and track specific campaigns; this helps us to visualize our social media activity.
Needs Improvement
Few business users believe that its Instagram integration needs more updates and support. They believe that Falcon should further add a functionality to post multiple images and videos to IG. Others have also requested for allowing LinkedIn Analytics view within the platform.
Similar Products in Industry
Other Social media analytic software products available in market are Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, Later, Zoho Social, Salesforce, Brandwatch Consumer Research, Social Studio, NetBase, Buffer, etc.

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