Fresh Books-Pros and Cons

General Information

FreshBooks comes with the ability to report different data and details, ranging from levels starting from normal users, all the way to large companies. The software comes with automatic invoicing, which saves a lot of time and money for users, as well as being equipped with time tracking. FreshBooks provides a timesheet client to help the user, as well as having specific billable hours for different tracking.

The software also provides automated expense input, different customisable templates and collaborative workspace. FreshBooks provides users with automatic tax calculations to get a more detailed view of how money flows through the system, as well as having currency conversion which supports worldwide user drastically.

Newer Innovations in FreshBooks

The software has the flexibility for businesses to provide updated profit & loss report headings, which help keep in track with the flow of money in the company, as well as having Clients Page which shows all individual clients. FreshBooks comes with improved search regarding Estimates and Proposals, as well as providing an outstanding Revenue Dashboard Widget.

The software also comes with overall improved client search, as well as being able to apply taxes to different All Line items. FreshBooks provides users with a new general ledger modified view, alongside being able to select multiple invoice statuses on reports.

Why we use FreshBooks?

This software comes with automatic invoices, which plays a huge role in businesses overall, as well as being able to make invoices easily, with the use of highly integrated customization.

FreshBooks comes with tax planning, which is crucial for the organising of money within a business. The software also provides the ability to gain access to data through a mobile phone, saving lots of time and making it easier to keep track.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers comment that FreshBooks allows to make different invoices extremely easily, as well as it overall being a very fast and safe software. FreshBooks is considered to be user-friendly by many, and it has a friendly interface to provide for users. The software provides an overall efficient way to run different accounts.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in the capability of learning new features and integrations easier, since it might be difficult for beginners or even for more advanced people. FreshBooks doesn’t come with any options functionality overall, and one said the customer service being “not the best experience.” The software also comes with high costs through multiple different subscription options.

Similar Products in the Industry

FreshBooks comes along with multiple different softwares in the industry, some of which include Invoicera, Zoho Invoice, Hiveage, Wave Apps, Quickbooks Online, Invoiceberry, Invoice Machine, Harvest, Xero and Wave.

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