Genesys Pure Connect-Pros and Cons

General Information
Genesys PureConnect is an all in one contact centre solution that offers better customer experience with many integrated tools. The features include Agent dashboard, Validate callers, Call forwarding, Click-to-call (CTC) and Warm transfer. The other features include Predictive dialing, REST APIs, Omnichannel support Features, AI assistance for live agents and Intelligent call routing.
Newer Innovations in the Genesys Pure Connect
The latest version of Genesys Pure Connect supports features like E911 Emergency Calls, Interaction Connect Accessibility Enhancements, Web Chat Enhancements, New Compiler and Binary Compatibility (2020r1), Support for Speech Technologies, Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019, Built using the latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 and Automatic call distribution (ACD).
Why we use Genesys Pure Connect
Genesys is a flexible, all-in-one CX application. It simplifies management and reduces costs. It provides high performance for small to mid-sized businesses. It can pivot and add new functionalities.
Industry positive comments
Some of the positive feedbacks are its a great softphone support. It is very easy to set up and manage. It is highly customizable. It has a user-friendly UI. It is excellent in monitoring and listening to calls.
Needs Improvement
The area that needs improvement is report area, support team also lacks expertise, Marquee Packages needs to be better and flow out calls need to be removed. Needs native WebRTC functionality.
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are Genesys Pure Engage, Talkdesk, Genesys PureCloud, NICEin Contact, UJET, Aspect Workforce Management, Avaya Aura, Fuze, SAP Contact Center, CallMiner Eureka.

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