Glass door-Pros and Cons

General features
Glassdoor is an employment job site that incorporate features for both job seekers and employers. You can see companies review provided by the employees’ who are currently working for those companies. Glassdoor adds salary estimates in job listings to assist people determine whether to connect with company or not. This ensures that only informed candidates with the exact expectations apply. The Informed Candidate is a individual who is well-informed and aware with company culture. Once hired, informed candidate will turn out to be the perfect fit and will stay productive and engaged.
Glassdoor let recruiters to open discussions with candidates they receive over their job postings on Glassdoor. This makes the recruiting process quick and efficient. Employers with an Enhanced Profile is allowed to feature one of their company reviews. The features review will be displayed first in review list of company. Job Widgets facilitate employers to share their Glassdoor Company rating and reviews on a website, blog, or forum.
Glassdoor helps you to search for jobs based on different attributes. These attributes include location, salary range, date posted, distance, job type, etc. Glassdoor will send you tailored job recommendation by using smart matching algorithm. Job Alerts notifies job seekers about current job openings that they may be interested in. Glassdoor offers a new, intuitive dual-pane design for candidates. This facilitate them to see and manage job listings without moving through multiple windows.
Other Features
Glassdoor Audience Targeting feature facilitates you to display personalized enhanced profile and sponsored Jobs to four distinct audiences based on their interest. For example, HR, Marketing, Sales, Engineering etc. Your photos, videos and branded content can change vigorously according to the audience interest. Job slots is the number of active jobs you are allowed to have at once on Glassdoor. You can also close live jobs and post new jobs. Employer Center Tabs makes it easier to navigate between posting jobs, responding to reviews, tracking brand reputation and more.
Glassdoor let you follow specific companies. When you follow a company you are interested in, you will easily get access to information regarding the company such as reviews, salaries, photos, interviews, and awards. Job ads utilize matching algorithm to show your jobs to right candidate. Analytics helps employer to track their profile traffic, know their candidate demographic, looks at what other companies’ candidates are looking at.
Glassdoor lets job seekers compare any two potential employers based on many factors. These factors include employee-based ratings for company, senior management, career opportunities, compensation & benefits, and more. The Targeted Companies feature allows you to promote your company on competitors profiles. This enhance your visibility and bring job seekers to your profile. You need to select companies whose talent you want to target. Target companies’ profile will display your company in the “Other Companies to Explore” panel.

Why use it?
Glassdoor let you add a company description, photos, and benefits to demonstrate candidates what it’s like to work at your company. It allows you to see your competitor’s salary information for jobs. This helps you to give a competitive offer for candidates. Informed Candidate is a individual who is well-informed and aware with company culture. Once hired, informed candidate will turn out to be the perfect fit and will stay productive and engaged. Glassdoor data analytics helps you monitor changes and control improvements over time.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers likes that Glassdoor allows you to see salary information for various job profiles, candidates review and their interview experience. This helps potential employees to get a complete information of the company. It provides a user-friendly platform with amazing design that makes it easy to find required data.
Customers says that Glassdoor lets companies compare with other similar companies. This helps them set up a relevant and interesting package for their targets. Companies can show their great culture to potential employees. This helps attract quality candidates. Companies can control numbers of applicants to check where their company rank as far as the interview experience goes and decide where to improve.
Needs Improvement
Customers says that Glassdoor is costly. Some jobs on job openings list don’t exist anymore. Such jobs should remove from job openings list as soon as that position is filled. Customers wish Glassdoor would verify reviews and profiles. Sometimes negative review by unverified profiles make companies loss quality candidates from applying.
Similar Products in Industry
Other recruiting software products available in market are Indeed, Monster, Snagajob, Idealist, AngelList, Handshake, Internship, Talent Zoo, Ladders, LinkUp etc.

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