iCIMS Talent Acquisition Platform-Pros and Cons

General Information

iCIMS Talent Acquisition Platform is a cloud-based platform designed for recruiting; by enabling employers to manage the end-to-end talent-hiring lifecycle in a single unified platform. The platform is well complemented by more than 300 partner solutions; iCIMS team is continuously working on expanding core talent acquisition capabilities. iCIMS ecosystem of integrated partners streamlines the recruiting workflows and expedites the time-to-value across other HR technologies. iCIMS solutions, when used together, aims to deliver a seamless experience with end-to-end data analytics enabling customers to show return on investment of recruiting activities.

iCIMS provides customers a configurable Applicant Tracking System for storing and tracking profiles, jobs, and workflows to a central location. The platform includes a branded career portal. iCIMS’s customizable career portal allows the candidates to look for career opportunities. The platform provides businesses with the tools they would need to expedite the talent acquisition process. It ensures that businesses dont compromise the quality and qualifications of the candidates while speeding up many onboarding at once. iCIMS suite includes social media distribution, career site SEO, and job board posting. iCIMS Social Distribution feature extends the reach to more than 300 other social media outlets. iCIMS platform has been known to be one of the unique providers of top-class talent acquisition solutions.

Why do we use iCIMS?

iCIMS platform is designed and created, keeping HR professionals and recruiters in mind. The solution is loaded with tools and features to help recruiters perform the tasks with full efficiency. iCIMS platform empowers businesses to customize their career portals according to their branding elements to match the pre-existing corporate websites, thus giving applicants a consistent candidate experience. iCIMS takes steps to ensure maximum data security and to reduce risks related to data collection. The platform also offers an additional communications center, which helps to retain engagement and maintain relationships.

Industry Positive Comments

Few believe that iCIMS is a very robust platform. Its dashboards allow the recruiters to be aware of everything happening at their desks. iCIMS is designed to create a wholly immersive experience that automates the hiring process. iCIMs plug-ins save the employers a lot of time. iCIMS can easily be configured according to the recruiting process of the company. Few commented that platform can be eaisly personalized to the needs of the organization.

Needs Improvement

Few commented that users sometimes face difficulties in adjusting the documents in the tool. Technically, iCIMS provides a limited testing environment; its search functionality only allows 10 filters at a time. iCIMS’ Onboarding tasks also lack the flexibility to re-assign to newer HR coordinators as needed.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar products like iCIMS are UltiPro, Lever, Workday HCM, Jobvite, Greenhouse, ClearCompany, SAP SuccessFactors, SmartRecruiters, Zoho Recruit, and BambooHR are some of the alternatives to iCIMS platform in the industry.

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