Integrate Orchestrate-Pros and Cons

                                                                 INTEGRATE ORCHESTRATE

General Features
Integrate Orchestrate has a feature to Create and design emails with an editor Integrate Orchestrate manage templates and personalize dynamically. Integrate Orchestrate Creates targeted lists, schedule and manage bulk email sending. Integrate Orchestrate also ensures inbox delivery, email preview, spam checking, link validation, and delivery monitoring. Integrate Orchestrate Sets up for automated nurturing emails based on events, online activities, and lead scores. Integrate Orchestrate Dynamically customize emails, forms, and landing pages for specific segments of customers and prospects. Integrate Orchestrate’s Feature of Support mobile optimized emails, online forms and landing pages. Integrate orchestrate tracks performance of keywords and links in major search engines. Integrate Orchestrate Measures search rankings and performance. Quality, variety, and legitimacy of tactics used for sourcing leads are also featured in Integrate Orchestrate. Integrate Orchestrate provides an Overall quality of lead. Efforts to qualify and rate leads based on legitimacy and potential value add weightage to Integrate Orchestrate.
Newer Innovation
Integrate Orchestrate Manages data and turn qualified, marketable leads into revenue acceleration. Integrate Orchestrate Unifies all demand channels into the Integrate engine. The Integrate solution unifies demand channels into a powerful SaaS platform so marketers can ensure that every lead is globally compliant, accurate and intelligent before is passed into marketing and sales system’s. The Integrate services team will help you employ our powerful engine to boost the efficiency of varying components under your marketing hood. Prospect data obtained from every channel will be standardized, validated and enriched in our platform to deliver outcomes that generate revenue. Manage marketing campaigns and programs across multiple channels, including online ads, video campaigns, mobile, virtual events, and social media. Integrate Orchestrate Provides the ability to measure how advertising campaigns performed by showing ad engagement metrics. Integrate orchestrate Maintains a marketing calendar across multiple groups. Integrate Orchestrate Utilizes deletion, modification and other methods to correct bad data.

Why we use Integrate orchestrate?
Integrate Orchestrate ensures that top-of-funnel lead data is accurate, complete and marketable before it goes into your customer database and it is critical to revenue acceleration. Integrate Orchestrate unifies and amplifies your B2B marketing universe, we provide a home base for creating, managing and measuring demand generation programs. Integrate Orchestrate processes all top-of-funnel demand channel leads to standardize, validate and enrich lead data and to produce outcomes that will help close more deals and generate revenue. Integrate Orchestrate platform helps manage your lead flow and removes the administration of lead upload to our CRM.

Industry Positive Comment
Integrate has become a central platform to manage the lead flow from all the content syndication vendors to our marketing system with the help of their managed services team. The best part of the Integrate Orchestrate platform is the Governance & Compliance functionality. The Integrate platform provides major cost efficiencies. The Integrate platform provides an easy way to manage multiple media partners and campaigns. The Integrate platform is having a central location where all our content syndication and webinar leads run through.
Needs Improvement
Integrate Orchestrate platform is a bit difficult to use and we tried getting a few people on our team trained but it did not work out so great for us due to the level of difficulty we had using the platform on our own. Integrate Orchestrate took a LONG time to figure out how to actually work with them. Integrate Orchestrate had few issues with data mapping, but those issues are always quickly resolved. Integrate Orchestrate platform seems to address the chunkiness of the old platform.
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