Intellibot -Pros and Cons

General Information
Intellibot is a powerful RPA Platform that is designed to simplify the lifecycle of RPA deployments . The features include Data and ML modelling, Robotic Desktop Automation, Intelligent Automation with Data Extractors, Cognitive Modelling Platform, Digital Assistant, Robotic Process Automation with BOT engine. Another feature is that it is cloud compatible. Another feature is the ability to the abstract application screen. It also integrates with popular enterprise software. Automation Lifecycle Management
Newer Innovations in Intellibot
The newer version of are Role-based Access control, Version control, Business and IT reports, Built using Microsoft Standard Technology. Seamless Integration with APIs, Databases and Operating System. Audit Logging, Citrix Compatible, Security of data in storage, motion and use Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling developers to build their connectors and components and Intellibot’s Market Place.

Why we use Intellibot
Intellibot Platform has been architected to be secure, reliable, scalable and cloud compatible. Intellibot has been designed keeping extensibility in mind. It is versatile and extensible. Increase Operation Efficiency

Industry positive comments
The positive feedbacks are the possibility of creating automation with little, or no coding skills is genuinely excellent. Its platform offers customizable built-in drag and drop features. It is a smooth and intuitive experience working on this product. It helps reduce the load on individuals. Designing the bot is an effortless one and does not require any technical know-how.
Needs Improvement
The areas of improvement are the need for a learning academy for beginners. Require more flow control improvements. Publish to orchestration option can be provided. Needs to create more videos for solving complex tasks. Need to incorporate AutoSave functionality.
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are Automation Anywhere, UiPath RPA|Robotic Process Automation, Blue Prism,Pega Platform, Datamatics Trubot, WinAutomation,Ninetex RPA, Automate Robotic Process Automation, Workfusion Intelligent Automation Cloud

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