Lambda Test Automation-Pros and Cons

General Features

Lambda Test is a scalable cloud based platform which allows user to test website or web app across 2000+ browser with different versions and on different operation systems. Lambda Test shares a pixel perfect experience to its user irrespective of what type of device you are using. Lambda Test enables feature of live testing, user can integrate developer tools to help debug. Lambda Test locally hosted web testing feature allows user to test their local hosted website on different browser and with different versions .Lambda Test also allows user to test their website parallel testing of your web which saves a lot of time and makes it easier to get ready with the product for their launch. Lambda Test has a feature for mobile browser testing named as Selenium Grid for Mobile Web – Automation test by which user can check the your web is perfectly built for mobile browser or not and runs scalable, secure and reliable. Lambda Test allows testing website on latest desktop and mobile browsers with Android/IOS mobile OS. Lambda Test makes is easy to check with the screen shot which part of the commands needs debugging with the help of Faster screen shot testing .Lambda Test allows user to have their website or web app to be checked with different regions so that your app or website can go globally with the help of feature Geo Location testing. Lambda Test makes it easy to check responsiveness of your website by a single click with different screen sizes and resolution. Lambda test works well with live cross browser testing which is interactive too. LambdaTest is known for its integration feature as it allows easy integration with other platforms and tools like Asana, Trello, Project Management, CI/CD, Team Communication, Team Management. Lambda Test allows distribution of account among team for simultaneous testing. Lambda enable local web hosting to save website from after deployment bugs. LambdaTest is thus fully automated and Live interactive. 

Newer Innovation

Lambda Test with its newer innovation allows user to test their website or any web app to the most recent version of operating system . Lambda Test with its upgraded grid makes it easy to install with less time and affords and also allows user to test parallel on multiple browsers and operating system it has two main element node and hub. Lambda Test runs automation script with selenium grid allows user to support many new upgraded browser earlier it was only supported with chrome and cut down on build times. Lambda Test with Selenium automation tool is very user friendly while testing the web app and website to any browser. Lambda Test provides more detailed documentation which is very helpful to do the testing. Lambda test have log management feature which keeps the track and logs of all the tests that a user or team has performed. Lambda Test allows user to integrated maximum of the tools u want to have in your web app or website. Lambda Tet has improved its user interface which now has become more clear and clean now and helps in easy finding of navigation tool and tabs hence it is very smart and interactive and easy to understand.

Why we use Lambda Test ?

Lambda Test is one of the best scalable cloud based testing platform for your web app and websites. Lambda Test has the ability to test your web app or website live with multiple browser and OS Lambda Test with its affordable and flexible pricing plan make its widely used testing tool in the market. Lambda test helps in finding out bugs and assigning to the team right from the platform. Lambda Test with its testing ability makes your web app or website to run perfectly with all the browser and Operating Systems so that your will have maximum utilization of your product. Lambda Test allows user to have a wonderful support with 24/7 chat support. Lambda Test comes with several debugging tools also supports many of the programming languages. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that Lambda Test is the great platform for live cross browser testing. Lambda Test sends its analytical report of bugs perfectly on one click and with many of their debugging tools it can easily be debugged or u can have the screenshot bug report in just one click .Lambda Test comes with very effective and easy user interface which is easy to understand of its usability . Lambda Test allows to test local host web app or website with its great feature called Lambda tunnel. Lambda Test supports maximum of updated devices to test. Lambda Test was long time awaited system for testing and it is really helpful which minimize the testing time and shares the great report.  

Needs Improvement

Lambda Test lacks with functionality of multiple user to have access on the same virtual machine at the same time. Lambda Test doesn’t allows user to test the downloadable app . Lambda Test need to improve with its plug in range need to allow adding WordPress plug in. Lambda Test has some limitation in testing with mobile version. Lambda Test when used with high resolutions the tests can be slightly laggy, it could be improved. Lambda Test integration with Salesforce will a plus point. Lambda Test did not allow direct copy paste into VM browser. Lambda Test could have native app testing as well on their platform so that keeping subscription on multiple tools can be avoided.

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar product in the industry are Browserstack , Postman,Ranorex Studio,Sauce Labs,UserTesting,ServiceNow Now Platform,Soupui, Crossbrowsertesting Cypress, Testcompete. 

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