Litmus Email Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Litmus is an email marketing tool which allows marketers to build, preview, test and track their email campaigns. Litmus has significantly increase the productivity as it saves 30-60minute per email build when campaigns are in thousands or more per month. Litmus really adds value to client engagements. Litmus has the best method to test and preview the email that how it looks to client. Just send an email to special litmus email address and within minutes get screenshots. Litmus helps in get quick approvals by stakeholders by sharing access to email designs and HTML proofs with them. Litmus has seamless integrations like Salesforce, Eloqua, Responsys and Marketo. Litmus delivers the best ROI and insights to strengthen future marketing strategy. Litmus offer best data security with separate subaccounts and has customizable security rules. Litmus drag and drop email editor enable to build their own email from scratch or can select from customizable templates. With the help of litmus timeline view any changes made to emails will not be lost. User can see who and when changes were made and can restore previous versions at any moment of time. Overall litmus gives a superb experience to an end user and it does what it says.

Newer Innovation

With continuous innovation in the market, Litmus is offering such features which makes user life easy, simplify work, create more effective emails, increase productivity and saves much time and resource. Litmus simplify and scale high volumes of email campaigns. Litmus helps in increasing collaboration and approval process as it provides preview feature where one can review and test the email or campaign templates and become sure before sending email to the subscriber. Litmus offers spam testing and helps in creative routing. With its spam testing feature, it not only generates spam score but also give actional advice on how to enhance email content to improve delivery rates. With litmus email analytics and geolocation, one can see who reads, deleted your emails and what device they use. Litmus provides cross-page browsing which helps user to see how their URL will appear in popular browser.

Why we use Litmus?

Litmus is user friendly and has the ability to generate email preview which gives a benefit to user to check before sending email to subscriber that how it will look. Litmus gives you the best result as it gives you the power to build, test, and analyse campaigns. With Litmus integrations and technology, manual steps gets eliminates which improve efficiencies, improve message delivery and effectiveness. Litmus using insights learnings makes it best in engaging more audiences and then using those learnings to increase the effectiveness. Litmus has great HTML editor and email spam tests are incredible.

Industry Positive Comment

Litmus has great compatibility on all devices which helps in fixing rendering issue. Litmus builder feature is fantastic which helps in better and clear communication with team. Litmus user interface and workflow is really easy, user friendly and helpful. Litmus helps in sending bulk emails to many different clients and helpful to see a screenshot of a bunch of renders at a glance with zoom in to see it closer. Campaigning with Litmus is reliable as it ensures that your email is read by intended audience. Litmus is leading at one of the top email marketing tool in trends,  information, tips, data. Litmus makes life easy and helps a lot in manage team, team communication in effective manner.

Needs Improvement

Litmus has high price as compared to its competitors it could be improvise so that small companies can use more features to boost their sales and engage customers. Litmus can be complicated if user do not have web programming experience. Litmus do not offer any option to create folders so that segmenting of contacts and storing email templates be better. Litmus can improve its metrics in analytics and has limited CAN-SPAM testing. Litmus could have little better integration with Eloqua which allow one to search for an email, not just the recent.

Similar Products in the Industry:

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