Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional-Pros and Cons

General Features

Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional is a perfect solution to test the performance and behavior of software applications under load. Micro Focus LoadRunner has a wide range of application platform and protocol which includes many languages of Web and Mobile apps, MQTT, HTML5, WebSocket, Database, Web Services. Micro Focus LoadRunner has a scripting and debugging engine which keeps a hold between data extensions and correlation studio to reduce the time of creating script Micro Focus LoadRunner allows to integrate with development environment where user can create script within the IDE and enables earlier testing in the application life cycle which helps in quickly identify the cause of performance issue. Micro Focus LoadRunner allows user to modify the script as per the load and as per the user operating with the app with minimum hardware. Micro Focus LoadRunner boost the confidence as it applies workload to any of the application and then captures end user response times ensuring application meets the requirement. Micro Focus LoadRunner uses cloud testing to scale the test and meet the requirement of the app to work in any environment or load seamlessly which reduces the cost, saves time and reduces the requirement of dedicated machines. Micro Focus LoadRunner generates reports of the load test success, failure and other concerns; giving powerful insights into the application performance. Micro Focus LoadRunner makes possible to test the app in an extreme condition of high use and to check the impact on the component. Micro Focus LoadRunner allows user to run the test and makes the app to work with the minimum configuration of hardware and with maximum of user to use the app. Micro Focus LoadRunner support maximum of the environment and technologies of the app to test. Micro Focus LoadRunner delivers the application of any type and protocol (on-premise or in the cloud) with full efficiency, endurance, stability, reliability and support continuous testing. 

Newer Innovation

Micro Focus LoadRunner with its latest features allows user to test their app efficiently with less cost and less time by collaborating performance load testing. Micro Focus LoadRunner can use its own data base server and create the reports of bugs and all the correction in the own server system. Micro Focus LoadRunner allows user to create and manage the projects from the project page from Load Runner app. Micro Focus LoadRunner can allotment of roles and permission within the users. Micro Focus LoadRunner is now able to integrate with cloud which enhance the testing capabilities without purchasing any other tool. Micro Focus LoadRunner now comes with SSO authentication which allows user to single sign-on for logging into the app. Micro Focus LoadRunner with its new language interface allows user to set the user interface in their native language( like English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Korean) without installing any extra language packs. Micro Focus LoadRunner now allow user to update the test plan folder and to delete the test plan. 

Why we use Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional?

Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional is one the best app for load and performance testing to any app so the app can run at any extreme condition with minimum configuration of system and with multiple users without fail. Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional reduces the risk of deploying systems for those who do not meet the performance expectations and requirement, before going live. Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional decrease the cost of application downtime in case of any production performance issue or bottleneck is analyzed at end user, system level or code level. Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional supports performance and functional testing of all new advanced technologies along with your legacy or existing application. Micro Focus LoadRunner accelerates with delivering high quality of application with less of efforts and time requirement. Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional tests the application earlier in the application lifecycle with minimal of cost. Micro Focus LoadRunner helps in accurate prediction of scalability, reliability and capacity which also reduces the software and hardware costs. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional is a very giant LoadRunner tool and perform all its function in very less time. Micro Focus LoadRunner is very easy to setup and its multiuser simulation at the same time helps the user to understand the performance of the app. Micro Focus LoadRunner integration with another API very useful and helpful to work the app perfectly. Micro Focus LoadRunner can easily record the test and analysis the bugs while the user can access the application. Micro Focus LoadRunner works with many multiple protocols like HTTP, RDP, Citrix, SAP, Oracle Database and many other to meet the requirement of the application. Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional runs the test by creating Virtual users (VUsers)and that too offers unlimited creation of VUsers. 

Needs Improvement

Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional users expect some more improvements on the platform like feature of integrating and automatic testing of mobile UI. Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional setting up the configuration is bit complex and too much of the RAM is required to run the test efficiently. Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional price is too high as compare to the other software available in the market and the first-time installation is time taking. Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional is very time taking in scripting and more complex when the application is built in different languages. Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional support system should be more active and efficient with 24/7 customer support. Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional should focus on Diagnostic side as it may lack behind as compared to other market tool when comes to performance engineering. Micro Focus LoadRunner should have AppDynamics and Dynatrace like tools integrated. 

Similar Products in the Industry:

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