Micro Focus SMAX (Service Management Automation X) Service Desk-Pros and Cons

General features

Micro Focus service management solution overcomes the limitations of manual ESM and ITSM tools to exceed expectations. 

It allows delivering connected, automated, informed experiences — powered by machine learning — to every employee.

Micro Focus SMAX Routes tickets automatically to the appropriate user.

It creates Reports based on IT incidents so IT members can prioritize high risk issues and maintain a record of problems and how often they occur.

 It also provides administrative tools for routine maintenance, upkeep, and tracking.

Micro Focus SMAX Gives administrators control over hardware and software resource allocation and tracking.

It Extends service delivery beyond IT with one fully integrated, easy-to-use self-service portal.

Micro Focus Service manager gets more done by automating IT and non-IT processes, workflows, and tasks.

Newer Innovations

SMAX is entirely codeless and can be upgraded seamlessly in minutes, providing low TCO. SMAX runs on SaaS, in the public cloud and on-premise. It increases employee productivity, and decreases outages, ticket volumes, resolution times and costs.

It provides native mobile applications, virtual agents (bots), social collaboration, and ChatOps driven by machine learning, analytics, and automation.

It is a single solution for ITIL aligned ITSM, ITAM, and enterprise service management such as human resource workflow, project, application and service portfolio management. 

Micro Focus SMAX allows Deployment of multiple tenants per installation that enables service providers to host and manage ITSM environments for multiple customers with a single user interface.

It provides Single platform for continuous operations based on container technology and analytics supports deployment in physical, virtual, and cloud environments including AWS and Microsoft Azure. 

It allows creating user-defined process-based applications including tables and workflows without writing any code. Seamless upgrades are automatic, providing instant access to new features every time. 

Why use it?

SMAX is easy to set up and start using, even with advanced automation.

Its Artificial Intelligence feature for the end users makes it much easier to resolve issues faster.

 It is also providing out of the box email ticket creation which is very good feature.

Its interface is easy to work with and it has great functionality.

Industry’s Positive Comments

The tool is simple to use, thus making it very user friendly. 

I don’t think we have had something that we can’t do yet in service manager.

SMAX is so easy to set up and start using, even with advanced automation

It is easy to add more functionality through the Studio.

 Nice interface for end users and good interface for developers.

 Needs Improvement

SMAX doesn’t have a reporting module inside.

They can improve web support of custom application and upgrades

The pricing of third party application is bit high. 

 Similar Products in Industry

Other Service Desk software products available in market are ServiceNow, TOP desk, SysAid, Zendesk, Fresh desk, SolarWinds Web Desk etc. 

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