Micro Focus UFT-Pros and Cons

General Features

Micro Focus UFT One is a software which is designed for testing software applications, web, mobile, API, enterprise application. Micro Focus UFT One works by identifying objects and performs desired operations. Micro Focus UFT One allows to end to end test with a technology stack that is supported with 200+ apps which is from its UI to its API to speed up the product life cycle and performance. Micro Focus UFT One with its ability of Automate intelligently which allows build and automate the test earlier and faster. Micro Focus UFT One enables test more in less time, achieve test execution at full velocity, run test parallel, cross browser and cross device mobile testing. Micro Focus UFT One supports VB script and this is the only language supported by . Micro Focus UFT One also supports different UIs and Applications. Micro Focus UFT comes with multiple plugins. Micro Focus UFT One has the feature of record and playback which helps in easy learning as it records all manual intervention with a script to play. Micro Focus UFT One build and automates test with artificial intelligence to enhance greater productivity, Speed and Resiliency. Micro Focus UFT One ensures that flow of information is steady while facilitating continuous quality across multiple teams and locations along with sharing insights across internal team to avoid any duplicity. Micro Focus UFT integration include Open source, third party which supports multiple testing strategies adds to increase efficiency and elimination bottlenecks. Micro Focus UFT One is a great mechanism of Object Identification process, Facial Recognition Simulation, Barcode/QR code simulation. Micro Focus UFT One address the manual testing problem by speeding up the testing process. Micro Focus UFT One is easy to use and understand and easily helps to connect ALM and its database. Micro Focus UFT enables exception handling which ensures to continuing tests even if an unexpected error occurs.

Newer Innovation

Micro Focus UFT One is a combination of HP Quickest professional and Service test which consists of all features of both QTP and Service test. Micro Focus UFT allow developers and professionals to test 3 layers of the software app which are Interface layer, Service layer and database layer. Micro Focus UFT One facilitates all services at one common place as it is a combination of GUI and API Services and displays its features at one common interface where user can select any of the service from the start page based on his requirement and also offer Business Process Testing all together in one common platform. Micro Focus UFT One has introduced new canvas which is a test flow pane displays all actions, now user can drag and drop all actions up and down and can run, debug, call the existing or the new action. Micro Focus UFT One has now advanced GUI with new testing framework which ensures fast, trustworthy, reusable, programmable interface to user for quality check in less of time. Micro Focus UFT One also has integrated Business Process Testing, a custom based automation testing platform, which provides new window to design, create, maintain and execute the test and its data and also is very useful in managing reusable components. Micro Focus UFT One enable to print debug information from scripts with the help of new feature UFT Print window. Micro Focus UFT can now identify Microsoft ribbon objects and use them in scripting through MSAA API as Microsoft ribbons use MSAA (Microsoft Accessibility API). Micro Focus UFT has now Run Step command which eradicates the slow process when many functions, objects and properties are used together; Now by using the Run Step command with a right click on function will allow you to run single function instead of all using altogether. Micro Focus UFT one has improved its debugging process by introducing Call Stack, Loaded Modules, Threads, Local Variables Pane, Console Pane, Watch, Debug Pane features. Micro Focus UFT One offers Insight Recording feature which is one of the best and easiest way to reorganize image which makes recording easier with the help of recording toolbar. 

Why we use Micro Focus UFT ?

Micro Focus UFT One has ease to use and has simple and advanced GUI. Micro Focus UFT One provides a platform where Mainframe, Web Based and Desktop Based application can be automated and can be used by many people in ap project which is a plus and saves time and efforts to be put on testing. Micro Focus UFT One uses VB Script which is a very simple and easy to follow programming language to automate applications and is capable of handling multiple testing like API Testing, Browser Testing, Mobile Testing. Micro Focus UFT One allows easy integration with other tools like ALM, Jenkins, TeamCity and many more. Micro Focus UFT One has wonderful ability of record and play which is a great help to anyone. Micro Focus UFT One Reporting feature helps in analysing and showcasing the result in depth where the test has failed along with the timestamp. Micro Focus UFT One has improves the efficiency in executing multiple testing where user can automate lot of repeatable tasks and can save time, organization need not have to hire a script coder to write a basic automation script. Micro Focus UFT One supports multiple technologies. Micro Focus UFT One address the problem or issue of making of tests automated. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments are Micro Focus UFT One using VB script programming language for automation is easy to start & follow, it does not high programming language. Micro Focus UFT One has easy to use record and playback option which helps a tester lot by simply recording on HP UFT and execute business process or test scenarios. Micro Focus UFT One offering smart identification of objects mechanism with desired operational output makes working easy. Micro Focus UFT supporting multiple platforms, environment, technologies and browsers and easy to use makes it one of the top choice when come to automate tests. Micro Focus UFT One using single controller, has the scalability to run across multiple machines which helps in and enable to execute hundreds of test at overnight as it is easily integrated with test management tool like HP-ALM. UFT has numerous advanced features that are quite easy to learn & doesn’t take much time to train staff or new user on it.

Needs Improvement

Micro Focus UFT One has many features which are easy to learn and use but it still has a room of improvement where Micro Focus UFT One should improve its compatibility with cross browsing and different OS platform and Mobile Testing. Micro Focus UFT One has both GUI and API testing so there is no way to run independent test of UFT. Micro Focus UFT One integration with ALM runs test efficiently but it do not do the same when runs on other browser. Micro Focus UFT One do not support Object Oriented Programming Language, it should support new languages such as RubyRail, Python and other advanced language . Micro Focus UFT One should support more formats of reporting like Excel, CSV, XML, XSLT as of now it only supports either HTML or PFD in short/ detailed format. Micro Focus UFT One comes with a high price licensing which makes it an expensive tool due to which users/organization explores other option on license free tools like Selenium. Micro Focus UFT One takes less time in creating a script but it takes relatively high time in its execution as it takes lot of CPU and RAM which results in low performance.

Similar Products in the Industry:

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