Micro Station-Pros and Cons

General Information

MicroStation is an advanced platform that provides 3D modeling and geometric representations for infrastructure professionals. It is the best and easy to operate computer-aided designing software available in the industry. MicroStation works with discipline and follows the specific workflows with Bentley’s design and analytical modeling applications.
MicroStation contains various tools like drawing tools, basic editing tools, text editing tools, 3D or solid modeling tools, as well as rendering tools that allow the specialists to design the structure in free-form.
MicroStation assists the file import and export system. It also supports file interoperability as well as the backward compatibility with the previous versions of file formats.
MicroStation supports large file formats without making the software to run slow. It is a multi-user platform. MicroStation allows the user to push or pull the sources of your model into the required shape. The user can view the model from any angle.

New Innovations in MicroStation

MicroStation is feasible to use with BOM structure which stands for bills of material.
It also supports BIM modeling, which refers to building information modeling.
MicroStation allows project management by fulfilling all the requirements of the user. MicroStation consists of various collaboration options including annotating and document storage. The designing team finds it useful as it holds the animation and the landscape designs. MicroStation also includes reinforcement tools.

Why we use MicroStation?

MicroStation supports a lot of customization options as well as hardware support. Microstation also supports custom interfaces designed around specific design tasks that is why it uses task-based interfaces.
The command clarity feature is another advantage for the industry. MicroStation also supports transportation engineering, the ability to make designs for roads, highways and transportation systems.

Industry Positive Reviews

According to some people, MicroStation is the best CAD drafting program. MicroStation is very sustainable. It provides strong and consistent output due to which it stands at the top. MicroStation is portable. The automatic saving feature is a great advantage to work with.

Needs improvement

According to some people, there is no clear documentation in MicroStation. It is difficult to work with the software. Microstation is expensive when it comes to the licensing part.
Sometimes the attachments automatically get detached. Microstation does not contain any tab for sheets.

Similar tools available in the industry

Some of the similar tools available in the industry are AutoCAD, SketchUp, AutoCAD LT, Arc GIS for AutoCAD, DraftSight, BricsCAD, ACTCAD Professionals, Vectorworks Fundamentals and CMS IntelliCAD.

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