NUVI-Pros and Cons

General features
Its collaborative, creative and analytic solutions allows to meet your audience wherever they present online.
NUVI explores your brand’s online landscape with solutions that reveal keywords, influencers and the content that resonate with your audience.
It discovers audience’s sentiments by utilizing social monitoring to listen to their discussions about your brand and products.
It identifies the influencers and turns them into powerful brand advocates.
It notifies you when activity happens around your brand, keywords or phrases and hashtags.
It ensures all engagements with customers are brand-aligned and customer-centric.
It monitors brand, engages with potential customers and builds strong relationships with your audience.
It enables to set your rules and precautions against undesired content from your teams or influencers.
It lets influencers and external teams publish to your channels by giving permission-based access.
NUVI measures campaign or product performance with rich analytical gathering software that reveals how you can best leverage your audience’s social data.
Newer Innovations
It monitors your competitor’s campaigns, products and other strategies and determines trends within your industry.
It gets dynamic and exportable reports with key metrics focused on your audience.
It discovers which content performs best and pivot your campaigns quickly.
It provides demographic data to make you understand who is engaging with your brand and from where.
It connects the physical space of your business to the digital world through uniquely generated QR codes which can be placed to generate review invitations.
It allows to save your images to a shared gallery and then easily browse, schedule and post content right from that gallery.
It allows you to set up posts and repeated posts to send reminders to your emails or other platforms when they are being published.
It groups the content together as events that you can plan out on a regular basis.
Why use it?
NUVI provides efficient and time saving Management.
It facilitates Effective Analysis of market using Artificial Intelligence.
It creates strong relationships with customers.
NUVI provides fast responsive customer support service.
Industry’s Positive Comments
It allows us to keep track of analysis and behavior of all the material that is published online on social networks.
Custom reporting allows our team to create interactive, accurate and detailed reports that are easy to share with our clients, executives and teams.
We are now able to create profiles, which allow us to monitor client intel with a granular focus.
Its dashboard provides robust and easy to read data in real time, which is valuable for our many digital events.
Their customer service is stellar, very quick to respond and never take their customers for granted.
Needs Improvement
Automatic spell check should be provided on publishing content.
Should include some more metrics to give more information needed for decision making.
More integration is needed with Facebook and Instagram.
Similar Products in Industry
Other Social media analytic software products available in market are Salesforce Marketing Cloud,, Zoho Social, Google Analytics, Social Studio, NetBase, Buffer etc.

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