Oracle BPM Suite-Pros and Cons

General Information
Oracle BPM Suite is a very comprehensive and robust platform that empowers users to own their process with an active business and IT collaboration. The main features of Oracle are In-flight process changes, Real-time metrics and predictive analytics, Business-friendly rules and Excel integration, Business Architecture Designs and Secure mobile integration. The other features include complete lifecycle management, Rich work assignment patterns, Adhoc case activities, event-based case progression, flexible stakeholder model, Integration with Oracle Coherence for high scalability and bottleneck analysis for optimization.
Newer Innovations in the Oracle BPM Suite
Some of the latest innovations to Oracle BPM are product strategy, Business architecture, Enterprise Map, Strategy Model, Key Performance Indicator, Richer Process reporter, Narrative View, Space in Process Composer and Process Asset Manager. The Business Friendly Rule Authoring, New Business Activity Montoring and BPM mobile are the other latest improvisation done to Oracle BPM.
Why we use Oracle BPM Suite
The Oracle BPM Suite possess robust analytics with increased visibility on process management. It offers pre-built integration to other Oracle products. The Oracle Process Cloud Service enables less human dependence. It provides out of the box processes and case analytics.
Industry positive comments
Some of the positive feedbacks received are it can scale quite well. It can handle the most significant enterprise-level solutions. It can use previous requirements as templates. It is strong at drawing and modelling business processes. The platform is quite helpful to configure the business processes. It offers flexibility in designing process.
Needs Improvement
The area that needs improvement in user experience design. The need to debug errors more efficiently. The need for documentation to learn and understand the process. Need a more efficient way to upgrade. Requires support to import from non- Oracle databases.
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are PMG,K2 Platform, Nintex Promapp, IBM BlueworksLive, Live Cycle, Laserfiche, Process Maker, Kissflow, Quick Base, Pega Platform and Nintex Platform.

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