Oracle PeopleSoft HR Management-Pros and Cons

General Features

Oracle PeopleSoft is a user-friendly application that can handle Core HR functionalities, Workforce Management, Benefits Administration, and integrating to many other all platform features. Oracle Peoplesoft helps in managing and organizing employees in an organizational structure; that can be used throughout the application for Reporting, Permission, Time and Attendance Tracking, Expense Management, Salary structures, and Compliances with complete human capital management. It helps increase productivity, cut down the cost and accelerate business outputs. 

Oracle Peoplesoft cuts down the cost by automating and centralizing the global financial transactions and helps in streamlining data entry by auto-populating customer data, setting up payment from clients, helps in budgeting and forecasting, creates financial reports. Oracle Peoplesoft asset management reduces processing errors and increase efficiency. It tracks physical attributes, calculate depreciation, and record tax effectively. 

Oracle Peoplesoft provides real-time analytical data of critical labor such as overtime, absence and leaves a record which helps in monitoring and controlling cost with efficient workforce management. It helps managers to resolve conflicts and approve or reject time requests. Oracle Peoplesoft workforce management implies policies and controls for workforce based on business demands, tracking attendance, time that are worked. It ensures that rules and labor laws adhere, which saves time and cost, thereby increases productivity. Oracle workforce delivery reduces the workload for HR staff by self-service application features and streamline the task and improves team engagement. 

Oracle Peoplesoft talent management manages the complete cycle of a talent like planning, recruiting, onboarding, learning, development, and compensation, which helps in aligning the workforce to meet business requirements and goals. Oracle Peoplesoft API integration enables us to integrate data, logic, objects with other software applications, and the ability to integrate with multiple HR, ERP Solutions, and HCM software solutions. It also enables to export and import of data. Oracle Peoplesoft offers campus solution which enables rapid adaption to change in a dynamic environment of training, higher education. Oracle Peoplesoft enables employees to view their benefits plans; that can make changes during open enrolment; it can manage payroll deductions based on selected options.

Newer Innovation

Oracle Peoplesoft has introduced Peoplesoft chatbot. It is available 24/7, reduces the margin of human errors and is a quicker turnaround to employees, end-users for easy interaction and communication. Chatbot helps in answering easy questions quickly like what is the vacation balance; What is the status of sick leave approval or previously requested absences? The chatbot is also known as Absence Assistant available on PeopleSoft home page. Oracle Peoplesoft offers open communication platform with potential employers; and has added two new enhancements used at the point of the candidate registration process– one is email notification while the time of registration and second is a reminder for candidates those who have not completed the applications which helps in engagement and better communication. 

Oracle Peoplesoft has announced a Fun Fluid Announcement which is an easy, fun and creative way to keep high engagement and communication with employees. It helps to see important announcements like upcoming company event details when timesheets are due. Oracle Peoplesoft has introduced enterprise components – Page and Field Configurator and Event Mapping, which enable us to change labels, hide fields, and event mapping, without much customization to meet organizational needs. Oracle Peoplesoft now allows managers to view all HR information at a glance like leave balances, performance data, direct line reports, and compensation data. Oracle Peoplesoft has introduced sensitive data masking, which safeguards employee information like bank information, identity proof, and personal information, which can only be accessed by administrators. Oracle Peoplesoft now offers candidates to apply bulk action on job search by selecting multiple facets and enable recruiters to perform multiple actions as they can now select all, multiple or individual job openings and can cancel or close a job. 

Why we use Oracle Peoplesoft?

Oracle Peoplesoft provides service clouds and architects that make it run better on Oracle Cloud as compared to Amazon AWS; which helps in saving money, resources and increases productivity and supports easily to changing demands with scalable infrastructure. Oracle Peoplesoft offers selective adoption, which helps in delivering new features and capabilities at a faster rate and offers to decide when and what features to take according to business requirements. Oracle Peoplesoft offers Oracle Soar, the world’s first automated cloud migration offering, which helps in simplifying cloud migration, helps in track and measure up-gradation progress, reduces risk, increases confidence, increases predictability; and drastically cuts down the migration process time which saves time and money. Oracle Peoplesoft has easy to use navigation work-flow for all types of users like Casual, Power, Admin, Executives and is mobile friendly with a modern, fresh, and flexible user interface.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that Oracle Peoplesoft is a very fast, scalable and robust automated application. Oracle Peoplesoft can attach multiple documents at every stage. Oracle Peoplesoft flexible and easy to use features and infrastructure helps in streamline business operations whether it is on the HR department or Financial department. Oracle Peoplesoft has excellent documentation and certified training courses which has provided great help to team member’s development; and resolving queries very quickly. Oracle Peoplesoft access paychecks works very easily like other all forms: tax forms, HR forms. Oracle Peoplesoft is a wonderful tool for recruitment, applicants forms, creating offer letters and can keep all the information securely with only access to the administration department.  

Needs Improvement 

Thought leaders believe that Oracle Peoplesoft user interface is not modern as compared to other competitive tool; it is ugly and outdated looking, should improve its UI. They say Oracle Peoplesoft is often slow when adding a row at expense report. Others commented that Oracle Peoplesoft should improve reporting and dashboard features. Few suggested that Oracle Peoplesoft should integrate SMS alert for approving leaves or filing leaves for those who do not have smartphones. Oracle Peoplesoft should enhance its usage of business intelligence and analytics so that it can provide more details and insights into the overall recruitment process. Others believe that it is fairly expensive as compared to other tools; it should provide different business plans with flexible pricing.    

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar products in the industry are Ceridian Dayforce HCM, Paycom, Paylocity, Karnos Workforce Ready, Bamboo HR, Workday HCM, ADP Workforce Now, UltiPro, Ceridian Dayforce, TriNet.

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