Paylocity HR Management-Pros and Cons

General Features

Paylocity provides multiple actions of the organization at one platform, such as timekeeping, Payroll, data report, and HR functions. Paylocity allows organization for payroll, tax compliant other expense reimbursements all in one place. Paylocity has a feature of workforce management which enables time tracking, attendance management, and schedules the task as required by the organization performing all these actions are time-saving and engage employees with better activities. Paylocity allows the administrator to manage information’s about their employees and automate the task by leave tracking, reporting, and more, employee self-service portal allows an organization to stay connected with an organization. 

Paylocity offers talent management, which allows administrators smooth onboarding, fair pay, employee development, and empowering performance management and improving employee retention. Paylocity benefits management allows an administrator to plan and distribute competitive benefits packages. Paylocity allows the organization for proper engagement of employees towards work and other activities by creating surveys and through communities. Paylocity allows the administrator to maintain all the data related to their needs, such as personal information, job profile, etc. Paylocity is accessible through different mobile devices which enables the user to connect with the organization from anywhere. Paylocity allows an organization to integrate with many 3rd party apps which makes the organization to work efficiently. 

Newer Innovation

Paylocity has made a new enhancement to its expense management called single expense return feature which has made the reimbursement request process easy and without paperwork by capturing the receipt and have the supervisor approval with a simple one click. Paylocity now enables us to transact business with the same content in multiple languages and currencies based on your location and preferences. Paylocity helps in resolving retention challenges through Retention Risk Dashboard, which delivers actionable insights to HR, Executives, and Managers where they can view top risk factors and helps in making informed decisions about the employees with the high risk of leaving. Paylocity has improved admin onboarding experience, as it now allows to add information very easily with few clicks, reducing long paper-work; which adds new experience to employee experience, gives them more time to know each other, and results in tangible business output. Paylocity shift swapping feature allows both employees and managers to get scheduling according to their preference, business requirement, and availability with the customized approval process. Paylocity employee attestation solution helps in reducing compliance risks like wage and hour and easily integrate with labor management and time management, which increases the accuracy in timesheet while processing payroll and benefits. Paylocity on-demand payment features allows employees to access their earned wages as they required. It helps build financial stability and security in their jobs with no time via mobile devices and helps employers to retain employees and recruit new talent. Paylocity has improved its calculation based on employee age and offers a new compensation plan which employee can choose based on their requirement and needs.

Why we use Paylocity?

Paylocity is an excellent tool for managing employees’ time from on-boarding to off-boarding and all other HR activities. Payroll implementation is easy to set up and integrate with other software applications. Payroll is a self-service portal for employees, which reduces the HR burden task and saves time. Payroll is a one-stop-shop for everyone (employees, managers, administrator) which fulfills all business requirements and needs to achieve strategic goals, used for payroll keeping, employee time tracking, overtime, leaves management and enable employees to choose and view benefits plans. Payroll has a mobile application that has an easy interface and seamless user experience along with easy navigation. Payroll has brought organization manual task burden to less and hence increased reliability, security, confidence and productivity.

Industry Comment

Some of the industry positive comments are Paylocity allows very good integration with different 3rd party apps and time tracking so convenient and Paylocity enables users to update personal and tax-related information with a user-friendly interface and update it quickly. Paylocity allows employees to easily check balance and submit requests. Paylocity allows the electronic signature to documents and forms. Paylocity provides quality customer support, which helps the administrator and employees to resolve their issues and increase the overall productivity of the organization and employees.

Similar Products in the Industry:

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