Pega BPM-Pros and Cons

General Information
Pega BPM is an award-winning digital transformation software with features such as Process designer, Process Simulation, Business Rule Engine, Process Player and Form builder. It also comes with features such as SOA support and Model execution. The Enterprise level scalability and Industry-specific solution frameworks make it more demanding software. The intuitive design tool to capture business objective is also one of its dominant features.
Newer Innovations in the Pega BPM
The latest version of Pega BPM is dynamic case management ensures customers get easier and more optimal solution within a short period. The build for Change technology, ability to choose preferred front end UI framework, Micro frontends embed responsive design UI and conversational UX for Facebook Messenger, and Amazon Alexa are the various other new features. Pega Robotic Process Automation, Pega –DocuSign integration and Pega – Cisco Spark/Tropo Integration are the other new addition to the platform.
Why we use Pega BPM
With Pega BPM, we can build a customizable User Interface effortlessly. It enables to integrate tools with its open API facility easily. It provides the Prototype of workflow for quick validation. The design once, deploy anywhere UI is a marked advantage of this platform.
Industry positive comments
Some of the positive feedbacks of Pega BPM are that it has excellent potential to be customized to fit users needs. It is easy to update when a new version becomes available. Excellent support of custom code to extend functionality. It has a lot of deployment-ready features. Less coding and adapts to changes and is quick in development.
Needs Improvement
Pega BPM needs to look into improving the search engine on PDN training. It needs improvement in filtering capability on custom dashboards. It needs to improve user interface features. Need to introduce more features in reports. Need to extend CPQ with more compatible features.
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are PMG,K2 Platform, Nintex Promapp, IBM BlueworksLive, Live Cycle. Laserfiche, Process Maker, Kissflow, Quick Base and Nintex Platform.

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