Robly Email Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Robly is a cloud- email marketing with mobile ready marketing automation solution application. Robly is a great help for the beginners. Robly user interface is modern, responsive, user friendly and easy to make beautiful and brilliant emails. Robly has amazing email builder which allows to manage all mass emails needs. Robly breakthrough RoblyID technology which increases list growth with 10X. Robly comes with innovative open technologies. Robly OpenGen is a smart autoresponder which send and re-sends regular campaign at a schedule interval of 1-10 days later with a new custom line. OpenGen send messages to those contacts who was enable to open the initial campaign message as it do not bothered contact unnecessarily and instead get new audiences. Robly offers A/B testing and Multi variant testing which helps in optimizing campaign planning. Robly AI sends campaign emails singularly based on the times they will be most effective to the targeted audiences. Robly provides many if/else statements to the email clients so that the drag and drop element looks great. Robly has google analytics integrated which increases productivity and providing, showing all information makes Newsletters looks more rich and helps in great client conversions. Robly has mobile responsive templates which renders perfectly to all devices which helps in increase conversions and user can get 100% more click-through.

Newer Innovation

Robly OpenGen Technology integration increases email campaign open rates by 50% and Robly signature’s Exit-Intent technology grow email subscriber list by 5%. Robly template builder is user friendly. One can choose customizable templates from hundreds of mobile responsive campaign and renders it across small screens and increase the click through rates. Robly offers device specific reporting that provided information that which user is using which device to open your emails and offers in-depth reporting that shows hourly email open rates. Robly customer service is available 24*7 for the help you need at any moment of time. Robly helps in to keep control on emails which are opened and which are not. Robly can also even track who’s opening on mobile and which device. If they are not opened Robly sends them back after few days with a different subject line to bring them back on platform. Robly saves time and is an excellent platform that helps to increase customer and sales.

Why we use Robly?

Robly offers innovative features that other platforms do not offers. Robly is a self-serve email marketing platform which is effective in delivering results, comprise of all modern tools that helps you in competing the market. Robly’s OpenGen technology ensures that recipients has read your email which ultimately increase the open rate by almost 50%. Robly also comes with a powerful AI which automatically  in sending emails individually at the right time when your subscriber checks the inbox. Robly Exit-Intent Pop-Up Widgets helps in growing list by 5x. Robly contains 100’s of free customizable templates which gives user choice to choose any and mold it into its own design code. Robly has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction and support by being available for 24*7 and is rated high performer and an email marketer category leader. Robly user interface is user friendly and is a great help for beginners.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that Robly OpenGen, Robly AI and Robly Exit-Intent  technology integrations has boosted sales and customer engagement rate by increasing open rates by 50% , grow lit by 5x times fast and has also helped in ensuring that email are send and open to recipients at the right time. Robly has good emailer with thousands of templates and designs availability with its basic plan and no extra cost. Quality of customer support is extraordinary.  Robly helps in auto posting ad to Facebook/twitter and auto respond to non-openers and targeted audience. Robly modern interface is easy to use and make brilliant looking email. Robly has multiple drag and drop options and optimizes campaign elements like name, call to action, subject line and more. Robly is a great help in catering more audiences, multiple users even those who do not email marketing experience or knowledge.

Needs Improvement

Robly offers many If/else statements so that drag and drop options works well and looks great but it needs to be little bit more advance as it fails when a large table of data needs to drop into something as all data is lost and email will not display correctly in email client until you have them recreated. Robly old version was user friendly and easy to understand but now its new version is complex as it wont allow anymore option to get into the HTML, you cant caption a picture anymore, also direct reach to customer support is off as first now you have to book an appointment with them to get a call back. Robly could have add more design options to manipulate photos like Shrink, Add Frames, Enlarge and Cropping. Robly should have option to stop the scheduled campaign or emails as it do not have way or option to stop or cancel the scheduled campaigns.

Similar Products in the Industry:

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