Sage Intacct-Pros and Cons

General Information

Sage Intacct comes with the ability to highly customize financial ERP ecosystems, which drastically helps developing businesses. Furthermore, the software has the ability to integrate with multiple other softwares as well. Sage Intacct uses a method of working remotely in the cloud, instead of VPN which is also very common in today’s market. Moreover, the software is able to perform more difficult tasks as well, including the reconciling of bank accounts, credit cards etc.

Sage Intacct supports customized financial reports, primarily based on the organization’s specific needs and leaving out less important matters. Moreover, supporting documents in the software can be attached to each specific transaction, which significantly saves time. Sage Intacct supports different tools to aid both productivity as well as accuracy of information prescribed in reports. Furthermore, the software comes with prepaid amortization schedules, and is able to set up recurring or memorized transactions.

Newer Innovations in Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct comes with multiple new features with the use of modern-day technology, including prepaid and PP&E. Also, unlike before, higher volume bank reconciliation was introduced a short while ago, making it possible to provide more data at once.

Sage Intacct uses newly designed contract modules for reporting, as well as automated COGS adjustments.

The software comes with an allocation progress, as well as estimate landed costs already in advanced. Sage Intacct supports CRM Integration.

Why we use Coveo?

Sage Intacct is provided with intelligent reporting capabilities for many businesses, as well as easily accessible invoices for every account.

The software is also able to create a report to only reveal relevant information to the business, and leaving out the less important matters, significantly saving time. Sage Intacct also comes with quarterly updates, which attributes to continuous updates and new developments for the software which businesses can benefit from.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers comment that Sage Intacct has great reporting options, as well as an overall versatile software which is easy to use. Sage Intacct is highly customizable, also due to the recent, more modern upgrade in their user interface. Furthermore, the ability to do custom reporting also doesn’t require a huge amount of knowledge with computers unlike some of the other softwares in the market which require this.

Needs Improvement

Sage Intacct unfortunately comes with poor customer service, which often frustrates the users. This makes the software not user friendly, and rarely gets issues solved with the customers. Sage Intacct has issues running a multi-entity setup, as well as editing the payment notification email. There is no flexibility in using different currencies with the service, since it mainly supports USD only.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are Evreka Platform, Scoro, Workwise, Deltek Vision, MahaERP, Academia SIS, IXERP Standard, Open Source ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and NetSuite ERP.

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