Sales Force-Pros and Cons

General features

Sales Force is the one-stop solution to manage, schedule, create and monitor social posts. It offers powerful Real-time Publishing and Engagement platform for content marketers. It tracks customer interactions, brand health and campaign results. It allows you to draft, share, schedule, review and approve content. Sales Force listens for mentions of your brand across all networks and use these insights to drive your marketing strategies. It monitors audience discussions using machine-learning sentiment analysis and image recognition to extract meaningful insight. Sales Force Intelligent reporting gives you a real time snapshot on content, channel and creative performance. It helps you to reach to new customers and markets by boosting high-performing social posts with built-in social advertising. It is a fully customizable team-based collaboration platform that analyzes channels, contents performance, analyze current trends and recommend new content ideas. Sales Force securely manages company’s social presence across teams. It creates workspaces and provides access based on role or group to ensure brand consistency.

Newer Innovations

SalesForce intelligent platform allows you to create and schedule perfect social content tailored to specific social network. It understands the effectiveness of your activity with detailed reporting that includes response rates and customizable service-level agreements. SalesForce provides real insights based on region, post popularity and words commonly associated with your product. It also allows you to Preview and Approve content before going live.

SalesForce uses artificial intelligence to automatically classify incoming images which in turn provides deeper and accurate insights. It provides Workspace Calendars to create and design full preview content. Business users can manage future and past content calendar with fully featured planning and scheduling tools designed for teams. They can route social posts to your platform to complete the picture of customers across social, email and other digital channels. The Dashboards can be further printed as PDFs for hard-copy records and sharing.

Why use it?

SalesForce social media management functions help with very optimal effort based Social Marketing. It facilitates Real-time analysis of the market so that businesses are aware of onging reputation issues faster. .
SalesForce provides an organized approach to create, publish, engage and then continuously monitor. SalesForce provides quick customer support.

Industry’s Positive Comments

Business users believe SalesForce Marketing Cloud can dramatically help to promote our products to the customers easily through various mediums and channels. Its Journey building feature helps us to know about customers and let us decide what marketing material we should send to them. Business users can interact with our customers and keep track of various brands at the same time. It provides most specific traffic routing service to social media outlets and make business users more knowledgeable about social media marketing. Business users can manage all our pages and provide responses in more than 30 languages through SalesForce.

Needs Improvement

Few users believe that SFDC Marketing cloud has a higher learning curve to utilize all the functionalities of this product. It needs to add more features to report generating tool and could be made better. Few users also expect some solutions to on reducing its implementation time of SFDC Marketing cloud.

Similar Products in Industry

Other Social media analytic software products available in market are, Zoho Social, Sprout social, Net Base etc.

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