Salesforce Commerce Pros and Cons

General features

Salesforce Commerce combines functionalities for order management as well as predictive intelligence under one platform. It features merchandising tools, such as sorting, filtering and more, allowing customers to browse products with confidence and control. It also provides inventory management controls, built in to the platform. Salesforce Commerce includes a flexible retail data model with core commerce functions that remain consistent across user applications and channel delivery. It also includes a platform API that allows unique development without disrupting the flow of Salesforce’s continuous updates. Salesforce Commerce provides many templates, commerce APIs, and developer tools that can be used to build premium user experiences. It also supports AI-powered personalization to make product and content management much easier.

Newer Innovations

Salesforce Commerce’s New and enhanced commerce APIs allow for even faster development of custom commerce apps and experiences to reach shoppers at any touchpoint. Its MuleSoft Accelerator allows to jumpstart commerce integrations and speed commerce projects with pre-built integration templates for ERP and PIM. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Center serves as a new API community to quickly discover, share, and build headless commerce experiences. Its Developer toolkit and sample apps provide IT teams with guidelines to easily build and extend personalized commerce apps. Salesforce Commerce’s Einstein AI Dashboard provides near real-time metrics so merchandisers have the actionable information they need to optimize AI-powered recs, measure success, and grow revenue.

Why use it?

Salesforce Commerce provides many templates and commerce APIs to make commerce smarter and faster. It allows building and owning the experience using developer toolkits and templates from mobile apps to digital storefronts.

Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are –

Salesforce enables businesses to communicate across all departments. It gives them the ability to track ideas from conception to the end-user consumer. Salesforce Commerce is a program that is highly customizable. It’s very user-friendly and helps keep businesses organized and on top of projects/leads. Salesforce is primarily used as a prospecting, tracking & active opportunity sales cycle tool.

 Needs Improvement

Some of the customers think that Application is difficult to program for reporting. Its New Lightning feature is not conducive. Salesforce Lacks in the field of customer service. 

 Similar Products in Industry

Other Similar products available in market are WalMart BigCommerce Integration, Wix, Pinnacle Cart, SAP Hybris, Elastic Path, Adobe Magento, Oracle Commerce etc. 

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