SAP SuccessFactors HR Management-Pros and Cons

General Features

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based platform that manages HR and payroll related functions in the organization. SAP SuccessFactors many other such as integrated suite which allows combining 3rd party apps which are already being used in the organization. SAP SuccessFactors feature, Employee Experience Management allows organizations to improve the engagement of employees with different aspects.SAP SuccessFactors provides talent management which helps in recruiting, onboarding, performance compensation, etc.SAP SuccessFactors HR Analytics and Workforce Planning tools help in Hr reporting and analyzing the reports for better planning and better productivity. SAP SuccessFactors Extended Learning for External Audiences is a solution for organizations where they want to understand the tool by their vendors or other channel partners. SAP SuccessFactors allows the organization to plan for compensation programs with growth objectives which employees can achieve. SAP SuccessFactors with its feature talent sourcing is a process of identifying, researching, generating and networking with deserving candidates to convert individuals into job applicants. SAP SuccessFactors can manage global compensation budgets. SAP SuccessFactors can manage the performance of individuals with the help of employee reporting and their engagements.


Newer Innovation

SAP SuccessFactors now comes with employee central payroll, central localization and employee central time management. SAP SuccessFactors has now enhanced performance and behavior on matches/not matched pages, enhanced succession planning and calibration. SAP SuccessFactors has updated its compensation and variable pay in which now allow the administrator to build a point-based reward program for employees and points can redeem gift cards and experiences. SAP SuccessFactors allows the administrator to configure simple pop-up reminders for users to take actions related to performance to achieve desired results. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiters are now able to edit job postings, add a job board, remove the post and repost it as per the requirement of the organization. SAP SuccessFactors has changed its mobile update policy now the mobile app will release update monthly as earlier it was quarterly. SAP SuccessFactors allows user to change log on behavior to whichever you have designated, and the new updates with features are Employee Central Core and Payments, Workflow, Employee Central Suite Integration, Visa and Permits Management

Why we use SAP SuccessFactors?

 SAP Success Factors allows to take easy follow up on leads and helps in seeing a clear view of all your leads and sales details. SAP Success Factors automatically tracks emails, contact info calls, meetings and extract key info directly from inbox which saves a lot of time. SAP Success Factors helps in easy access and enables you to update your data from anywhere and anytime. SAP Success Factors increase speed, intelligence and add personalization at every transaction in real-time. SAP Success Factor along provides real-time analytical dashboard, reporting and allows seamless process management which boosts productivity and adds growth to business goals and engagement.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments are SAP SuccessFactors is one of the best tools for time tracking and very easy to use. SAP SuccessFactors allows employees to log in from anywhere and anytime through their mobile devices. SAP SuccessFactors HR recruiting and talent management is very easy to run and works perfectly. SAP SuccessFactors allows users to generate performance reviews for individuals is simple and runs perfectly. SAP SuccessFactors allows users to integrate Excel for reporting. 

Needs Improvement

SAP SuccessFactors provides customer support but it should be more prompt as sometimes it takes a lot of time to resolve the issues. SAP SuccessFactors is a bit expensive as compared to the other product in the market. SAP SuccessFactors uploading data from the back end is a hectic task and takes a lot of time. SAP SuccessFactors regular updation makes it hard to stay updated with the new systems. SAP SuccessFactors should allow the administrator to have personalized alerts for different development opportunities as required by the organization. 

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar products in the industry are Salesforce, Paycom, Talentsoft, Paycor, BambooHR, Moodle, ADP Workforce Now, Oracle HCM Cloud, TriNet, Sap Litmos.

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