Sendible-Pros and Cons

General features

Sendible helps with effective unified Social media management by engaging audiences centrally; it engages audience, monitors brand and tracks results across social channels. Sendible helps publishing tailored content for every platform and save time in crafting posts. Sendible’s Social Media collaboration tool empowers users to assign and approve posts. It also enables grant custom access to clients and team members as needed. Sendible helps in gaining dynamic insights from social data. Its Social Media Listening tracks brand, competitors, and key industry terms to stay ahead of the curve. It allows scheduled or simultaneous posting across multiple social networks. It has an awesome ‘Lead Generation’ features which help generate multiple leads and helps to grow business. Social media Sendible also supports social media presence by Mobile Apps for Android and iOS.

Newer Innovations

Sendible’s Unified Priority Inbox consolidates the important conversations from the multiple sources into a single stream.
It’s sophisticated Compose Box helps in scheduling social media posts in bulk and at the optimal engagement time. It offers advanced content suggestion algorithms automatically curate and recommend the best content on the web to drive engagement and growth. Sendible’s Social media Automation features help to simplify the process of driving interactions, increase followings, and start the conversations on social media. It is customizable according to your business rules and procedures. It allows business users to preview Social Media Posts before actual posting. Priority Inbox allows to discard the noise and only shows the activity that you want to keep up to date with. Sendible allows to schedule posts to Google My Business (GMB) profiles as well. For twitter, it offers Twitter Autoreplies and Auto-retweets. Sendible’s Report Hub lets business users create impressive and accurate media reports in very less time.

Industry’s Positive Comments

Sendible allows to view engagements across all platform in one location.
Its RSS auto-posting of blog from the feed saves time drastically.
Sendible’s Brand Monitoring is great, which makes business users be aware on what the people are talking about your brand on Social Media. Business users are now able to schedule pins in advance for Pinterest. It can schedule unlimited posts at time.

Needs Improvement

Few business users believe Sendible needs to work on the functionality with browsers other than Firefox. It needs to improve work on Mobile App as it is lacks some functionalities; and sometimes even slow in response. It also needs to work further on Instagram and LinkedIn Integration.

Similar Products in Industry

Other Social media analytic software products available in market are, Zoho Social, Salesforce, Brand watch Consumer Research, Social Studio, Net Base, Buffer, etc.

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