Sign Request-Pros and Cons

General features
SignRequest is an E-signature platform that enables you and your network to get documents signed. Easy, fast and legally binding while ensure the highest standards of security. It allows you to create and save commonly used template. You can also copy or move your templates between accounts. You have easy drag and drop option to create your document and template. You can add template tags to automate manual process for frequently used documents.
SignRequest validate signer with audit trail by recording signer information like email address, device IP address other details. It automatically sends a document to multiple signers e.g. by easily importing data from Excel files.
SignRequest integration with dropbox facilitate you to automatically backup your signed documents in your Dropbox account. It also provides integration with google docs, drive and gmail. You will also have access to them in your SignRequest account. SignRequests allows you to overview sent and received documents, including reminders, in My Documents. You can also view status of document to check which document have been signed and might need follow up.
It also enhances security by adding two-factor authentication. You can securely send, sign, and manage agreements from web or mobile. SignRequest is available in 13 different languages.
Advanced Features
SignRequest Blue Indicator Arrow is a handy feature to guide signers that navigates through the document in a specific order: from Top to Bottom, Left to Right. The indicator arrow prevents the possibility of leaving a document incomplete.
SignRequest team account gives you option to add your company logo and primary color. The logo and color replace the SignRequest branding throughout the entire signing process from the emails sent till the placed signature. SignRequest tags are a way in which you can add data to a contract that are automatically recognized by the application.
In case of multiple recipient, you can add an order of signing. Means that signer2 will only receive sign request only after signer1 has signed the contract and so on. You can also determine whether the signer need to do signature, one who doesn’t need to sign will just receive a copy.
SignRequest let somebody sign in-person using their mobile device. You can also secure your documents with a password. The signers will have to enter this password to access the document
Why use it?
SignRequest is a cheaper solution than any other E-signature alternative available in market. SignRequest helps incorporate easy and less time-consuming signing, and makes signing process audible and more transparent both within the company and externally. Electronic signing reduces cost of printing, signing, and scanning documents. Save time for both external and internal transactions of business and also provide effective and affordable storage.
The Support team of SignRequest is extremely friendly, helpful. They assist you in implementation as well as with other tools to use for maximum use.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customer comment that SignRequest interface & the onboarding is super easy — follow 3 simple steps & you are done, also signing the document is super simple & it can also be done via mobile. SignRequest’s integration with google drive is very helpful. It allows their team carry out and complete the MoU signing process successfully with simplicity.
SignRequest gives a very professional appearance to customers, their clients and employees by having electronic files to sign as opposed to paper. Customers also finds it as a cheaper solution than any other alternative available in market. E-signature reduce cost and time for printing and storing paper documents.
Needs Improvement
Customers would like to have ability to edit the document & resend it, as currently once the document is uploaded there is no option to edit it. Also, it does not allow to paste recipients email address into the application. It has to be manually typed which me lead to potential typos.
Customers comment that this application do not have any option to merge several documents. They have to merge documents offline and then upload to the application.
Similar Products in Industry
Other E-signature solution available in market are DocuSign, Sertifi, RightSignature, Signable, HelloSign, FormSwift, InsureSign, viewneo, eSign Genie, SkySignature etc.

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