Site improve-Pros and Cons

General features
SiteImprove is a digital analytics solution that let you get insight into visitor behavior and optimize your website with powerful analytics that anyone can use. It let you monitor the way that users interact with your website through their behaviors and activities. With Behavior Maps, visualize your visitors’ behaviors in an easy-to-understand way, so you can get a clear view on what works well on each page and what doesn’t. SiteImprove offers four different maps: Heat map, Click map, Scroll map, Segmentation map.
SiteImprove provides analytic report that includes data on Visits, Pages views, Countries, Referrers, search terms that visitors use and behavior tracking from the most popular page. That helps you improve your site content. Funnels is a sequence of steps you want website visitors to take. Funnels analysis tell you where people drop out of your website and which steps confuse or frustrate visitors. This lead you implement changes in content and layout to streamline conversions.
Simply tracking data isn’t enough for modern marketers. You need to discover a smarter way to manage campaigns and measure success. Siteimprove Analytics manage all your marketing initiatives from start to finish: Plan, monitor and analyze. It lets you see the real-time impact of campaigns and check whether the newly published content is getting attention on your website. SiteImprove let you track performance of your keyword in order to have successful campaign. It allows you to create your own key metrics to define what to measure, so reporting is always connected to your specific goals.
Other Features
SiteImprove get a real-time snapshot of where your visitors coming from, which traffic source brought them there, and what pages they’re visiting right now and much more. It allows you to identify patterns, trends, and hot topics as they emerge. The Segmentation Map allows you to compare behavior patterns of different visitor segments like visitor’s location, the referrer, or custom-defined Key Metrics. This helps you easily learn more about preferences and habits of your most important visitor groups. For example, visitors who requested demo.
Siteimprove let you filter and view data of your interest. Event tracking lets you track events that doesn’t trigger a new page to load, such as watching a video. This data can be useless in improving your site. Some analytics tools allow you to apply custom segments to your visitor groups. This lets you analyze the key differences between visitor types, including how well they move through your conversion funnels, so you can tailor the respective steps based on what you find.
Why use it?
SiteImprove has many of the core elements for creating an accessible website that leads to easier web navigation for all visitors. Creating a more accessible website boosts your SEO (search engine optimization). There is a lot of overlap between accessible web practices and search engine optimization. A n accessible website increases the overall number of people who can visit and navigate your web pages. You increase awareness, sales, conversions, or whatever your business goals may be. An accessible website helps ensure you are compliant with accessibility legislation and reduces your risk of fines for non-compliance.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers says that SiteImprove provides easy to follow directions on how to fix problems that are on your level. It breaks down site issues by who can fix them. It is a great product for identifying and addressing accessibility issues.
Customers comments that SiteImprove provides single location for analytics, SEO, quality improvement, and other services in one platform. The Dashboard is powerful which gives a glance you can see where you need to devote resources to fix a problem immediately
Needs Improvement
Customers dislike that sometimes pages have a slower load time and they come up as broken links or pages. Also, that as new features are added sometimes, they cost extra as opposed to include in your annual fee. There is a learning curve getting started with it.
Similar Products in Industry
Other digital analytics software products available in market are Monsido, Crownpeak DQM, SEMrush, Moz Pro, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, BrightEdge, Google Analytics 360, SE Ranking, SpyFu etc.

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