Sitecore XC (Experience Commerce)Pros and Cons

General features

Sitecore XC combines commerce, robust digital marketing capabilities, and unmatched content management tools. Its Migration tools allow Importing of customer profiles and catalogs. Sitecore XC’s Basket and order definition feature Configures and integrate with major payment, shipping, and tax providers. Its Media Library helps Manage images, documents, videos, and audio files. Sitecore XC allows Managing of online-to-offline stock for all stores, warehouses, and websites of a business in real time. It also provides a WYSIWYG editor to easily make changes on the page. Sitecore XC provides an Out-of-the-box or customizable machine learning architecture. It manages and sells all digital and physical goods with its product management feature. Sitetcore XC also provides a Drag and drop, user-friendly interface for non-technical content authors.

Newer Innovations

Sitecore XC is the only platform to natively merge content, commerce, and data in a single, enterprise-level commerce solution. Its marketing automation, content management, data, and insights helps creating fully personalized shopping experience. Sitecore XC’s flexible promotion and pricing capabilities allows businesses to enhance their end-game of more customer transactions. Its open architecture means businesses can easily integrate it with their existing marketing solutions. Sitecore XC’s In-context editing and designing makes authoring intuitive and efficient. It provides Preview capabilities with device simulators to ensure consistent messaging.

Why use it?

Sitecore XC’s consist of both multisite and multichannel capabilities. It is a headless platform to deliver content across channels. Sitecore is the best in the world at personalized digital experience. It is the first company to offer real-time personalization. 

Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are –

Sitecore XC makes things possible in integrating multichannel commerce sites.

It delivers great experience especially to the users because of its Merchandising tool.

The sales pitch was great! And the plans were fantastic

It provides the Ability for marketers to not need development experience.

The Analytics abilities to view the actions taken prior to purchase are fantastic.

 Needs Improvement

Some of the customers want better integration with payment platforms. Its ribbon can be very hard to navigate. It is Difficult to install or upgrade the system.

 Similar Products in Industry

Other Similar products available in market are WalMart BigCommerce Integration, Wix, Pinnacle Cart, SAP Hybris, Elastic Path, Adobe Magento, Oracle Commerce etc. 

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