Sketch Up-Pros and Cons

General information

SketchUp is the most popular platform for 3D modeling. It allows engineers, architects, the software as well as hardware industries to design with the help of drawing tools, editing tools, 3D/solid modeling tools, and rendering tools.
SketchUp allows them to follow the sequence steps for designing the structure. It also assists the import and export of the files.
SketchUp provides file interoperability, that allows the file format which is compatible with the advanced designing and imaging applications.
SketchUp maintains the backward compatibility with previous versions of the application. It supports the large file size without any degradation in the speed. It is a multi-user platform.

Newer innovations in SketchUp

SketchUp provides us with 2D or 3D modeling. SketchUp offers 3D rendering with live models like textures, shading, lighting, exterior rendering, aerial rendering, and atmospheric rendering. It provides various customization options such as custom commands, custom interfaces, custom scripts, and custom menus.
SketchUp allows fabrication and the reinforcement tools for the structure. SketchUp consists of the clash detection ability and certain clashing elements such as electrical conduit or ductwork that run into a beam.
Data extraction is another great feature it also offers the life ability and analysis of the design layouts.

Why we use SketchUp?

SketchUp is very sustainable. It is integrated with building design and building information model (BIM) software, that allows engineers, architects, and the construction team to work freely without worrying about cost and quality measures.
SketchUp supports the number of hardware which makes it more feasible to work with. The command clarity feature is the stepping stone towards its feasibility for the industry.
SketchUp supports task-based interfaces through user customization.

Industry positive reviews

According to some of the customers, SketchUp can be used by beginners with ease. SketchUp provides an easy 3D modeling, configuration. It is an essential architecture and modeling tool. SketchUp is very user-friendly, supports high quality and accurate results.

Needs improvement

According to some of the customers, SketchUp tends to cut off the image. SketchUp does not contain the vector capability. The import system is not at all good. SketchUp faces an issue with complex models and also struggles in round hand or curved tools in designing the structures.

Similar products available in the industry

Some of the similar products available in the industry are AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, MicroStation, Arc GIS for AutoCAD, DraftSight, BricsCAD, ACTCAD Professional, Vectorworks Fundamentals, CMS IntelliCAD, and TurboCAD.

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