Smart Recruiters-pros and Cons

General Features

 SmartRecruiters is a cloud-based recruitment tool which enhances the candidate’s experience, cuts down the recruiters time spent on manual search at different platforms and improve efficiency. SmartRecruiters Applicant tracking increases the visibility on candidate’s status across multiple workflows and sources with its advance talent search. SmartRecruiter Applicant tracking increase productivity and decrease the administrative task burden by screening and evaluating candidate using pre-assessment tools; mass actions which improve communication by leveraging templates, auto reminders building positive candidate experience. SmartRecruiter allows the sourcing of candidates through job boards, CRM, Campus recruiting that builds strong connections between candidates and recruiters. SmartRecruiters candidate sourcing finds the best and right talent inside and outside the organization. SmartRecruiter offers transparency by allowing its comprehensive recruitment marketing platform with its automating advertising process to find the best talent globally. SmartRecruiter Recruitment marketing allows to access all job boards in one place with easy posting and distributing in 1-click. It also expands the reach with social networking (LinkedIn, Facebook apply) which easily tracks and makes referrals. SmartRecruiter enables us to build an intuitive, engaging career page that promotes and displays opportunities for both active and passive candidates which builds a deeper connection with candidates giving them a happy experience. SmartRecruiter comes with Android, iOS app allows the mobile-optimized recruiting experience to on-the-go. SmartRecruiter has a mobile-friendly and responsive design. SmartRecruiters keep all-hands- on deck connecting recruiters, hiring managers and executives easily all at one place having dynamic hiring feeds, built-in notifications, messaging and alerts to meet the organizational objective. SmartRecruiters evaluate the candidate with integrated assessments, structured feedback forms and scoreboards which helps in hire quality candidates. SmartRecruiters provides a real-time dashboard with its great data-driven insights and recruiting analysis. SmartRecruiter is a cloud-based recruiting software that makes candidate information available at any time and anywhere. SmartRecruiter offers management improves time-to-hire that ensures best candidates are not lost in the final stage and has configurable forms, modernized offer letter templates which route directly to the approver to approve offers from anywhere via a mobile device. SmartRecruiters offer management can send multiple documents to multiple recipients in one click and one step. Candidate can view, sign and accept an offer quickly from any of the devices.  

Newer Innovation

SmartRecruiters newly released features have enhanced the recruiter’s efficiency, automates repetitive tasks which save a lot of time. SmartRecruiter now saves time from manually publishing job on different platforms; now one can set the rules which automates the distribution that where a job is to be posted and at which source (LinkedIn, Indeed, SmartJobs, etc.). SmartRecruiters has expanded its platform to the European Market (US, Canada, etc.) which saves potential time of recruiters and increased reach and candidate pipeline. SmartRecruiters offers seamless apply experience by pre-filling candidate application forms where information is pulled from the SEEK profile or resume with one click. SmartRecruiters has expanded talent search enabling post and manage job ads on SEEK and increase application completion rates resulting in positive application experience. SmartCRM Drip Campaign engages individuals or entire talent pools by creating rich messaging, using a dynamic email sequence that runs on rule-based automation. It helps in building brand trust, improve recruiter productivity and improve conversion. SmartRecruiter Mass Self-Scheduling allows the manager to focus on high-value tasks by automating scheduling, improves hiring velocity with real-time confirmation. It also enables bulk self-scheduling where one can schedule an interview with dozen of applicants. SmartCRM feature fills position faster with pre-filling applicant messaging, targeting and nurturing. SmartRecruiters’ SmartAssistant engages ideal candidates wherever they are without spending more time on sourcing or screening. It neutralizes the pressure of high volume hiring by allowing data science to help recruiters in screening efforts, quickly aligning and manage large pipelines. SmartRecruiter SmartGlobal addition helps in meet the global business needs which accommodate global recruitment at the local level by allowing user permissions, hiring processes, multilingual support and adherence to international compliance settings.

Why we use SmartRecruiters?

SmartRecruiters is a powerful and Optimized solution that recruiters, hiring managers, IT team love as it is a flexible, modern and trusted source of recruitment. It has expanded its hiring success networks with more than 2500 talent acquisition leaders and more than 600 recruiting partner solutions across different platforms and marketplace. SmartRecruiters is a complete package solution that comprises end-to-end recruitment capabilities all into one single platform which has made recruiters and leaders’ life easy. Its quarterly release helps it compete for talent with other competitive HRIS. SmartRecruiters enhanced +50% hiring velocity and +120% job applicants volume which matches the right talent to be onboarded on the platform to match with the right job opening. 

Industry Positive Comment

SmartRecruiters allows very good communication with recruitment and hiring managers. SmartRecruiters gives a link to communicate with the candidate it also generates a link for documents which is very useful. SmartRecruiters can give access to reviews of colleagues. SmartRecruiters provides analytical reports which are very accurate and it’s easy to find them. SmartRecruiters provides complete hiring tools user doesn’t need to use any other tool for hiring. easy and user-friendly interface.  

Needs Improvement

SmartRecruiters should allow candidates to save part of the interview questions instead you have to complete the entire documents at one time. SmartRecruiters should have a filter option based on keywords found in the resume. SmartRecruiters sometime don’t show the resume is attached in the profile of the applicant. SmartRecruiters should improve its assessment tools for better and fast hiring.

SmartRecruters should allow some more job posting without upgrading currently users have only 10 job posts. 

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar products in the industry are Zoho Recruiter, ZipRecruiter, iCIMS, Jobvite, Cornerstone OnDemand, Workday HCM, Greenhouse, Breezy HR, IBM Kenexa, JazzHR.

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